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# [[User:Psubhashish|Subhashish Panigrahi]]
# [[User:Psubhashish|Subhashish Panigrahi]]

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Wikimania 2015 logo.svg.png

Wikimania 2015 is the 11th International Wikimedia Conference to be held in Mexico City during July 15 - 19, 2015.


If you plan to attend (with or without a scholarship from WMF or WMIN), please register your name below. This will help to coordinate travel logistics and other plans specific to Wikipedians from the sub-continent.

It looks like Indian citizens will have to personally appear for an interview at the Mexico Embassy in New Delhi. For people far away from New Delhi, to and fro flight charges plus a day's stay plus Visa fee can easily come around 25,000 INR.

Since 14th April is the last day for accepting scholarships from WMF, please be aware of this additional expense and inform Wikimania Scholarship committee if you need additional funding to meet this expense.

Scholarship applicants

If you are applying for a scholarship to attend Wikimania 2015 and need help reviewing it before submission, please register your name here. Experienced Wikimedians who have already attended Wikimanias will help you.

  1. commons_sibi
  2. Omshivaprakash
  3. Rohini
  4. Subas Chandra Rout

Scholarship application reviewers

If you have already attended a Wikimania and would like to review and help other Wikipedians to file a successful application, please register your name here.

  1. Ravi
  2. Netha Hussain
  3. Karthik Nadar
  4. Jayanta Nath
  5. Subhashish Panigrahi