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| Bangalore
| Bangalore
| FDC Member
| FDC Member
| 6th August
| 5th August
| 11th August
| 11th August

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Wikimania 2013, the 9th annual international conference, is to be held in Hong Kong on on Aug 9-11 , 2013.

Are you attending Wikimania 2013 this year? Did you get scholarships from the Wikimedia Foundation for attending Wikimania this year? Add your name in this page so that others can know who all are traveling from India. It will help organize and get information from each other.


The following people are planning to attend :

# Name UserName Home wiki City/Town Scholarship (Yes/no) / Office bearer Start Date from India Return Date from Hong Kong Presentation/Talk
1 Bishakha Datta User:Bishdatta Mumbai WMF Board Member 6 Aug 12 Aug
2 Achal Prabhala User:Aprabhala Bangalore WMF Advisory Board Member
3 Tinu Cherian User:Tinucherian En/Commons Bangalore Yes 8th Aug 12th Aug
4 Pranav En/Commons Mumbai Yes/Chapter Board Member 8th Aug 12th Aug
5 Netha User:Netha Hussain ml/en/Commons/meta Kozhikode Yes 7th August 12th August Towards bridging the gendergap in Indian Wikimedia Community (accepted)
6 Arnav Sonara Rangilo Gujarati Gu/EN/Commons/Outreach Jamnagar Yes (Partial) 6th August 18th August
7 Santhosh Thottingal User:Santhosh.thottingal Kochi WMF Engineering 3rd August 12th August
8 Kavya Manohar User:KavyaManohar ml Kochi No 3rd August 12th August Women and non-conventional education - A study from Indian cultural context
9 Parvathi Narayanan User:Parvathisri ta/Commons salem, Tamilnadu. Yes 6th August 12th August
10 Sengai Podhuvan User:Sengai_Podhuvan ta Chennai, Tamil Nadu Yes
11 Arjuna Rao Chavala User:Arjunaraoc te/en/Commons/meta Bangalore FDC Member 5th August 11th August
12 Subhashish Panigrahi User:Psubhashish en/or Bangalore A2K 4th Aug 2013 13th Aug 2013
13 Vishnu Vardhan T User:Visdaviva en/te/meta Bangalore A2K 4th Aug 2013 13th Aug 2013
14 Yuvi Panda User:Yuvipanda mediawiki/en
15 Kartik Mistry User:KartikMistry gu/en/FOSS Mumbai 3rd Aug 12th Aug
16 Runa Bhattacharjee User:Runab_WMF Pune WMF Engg 4th Aug 12th Aug

Presentation/Talk proposals from Indian Wikipedians/ India

Selected Proposals

Open Proposals

  1. Towards bridging the gendergap in Indian Wikimedia Community - Netha Hussain (User:Netha_Hussain
  2. Hindi Wikipedia: Independent Existence v/s Dependence on English Wikipedia - User:Hindustanilanguage
  3. Translation of Commons Templates into Hindi: The Joy and Responsibilities of Contributors - User:Hindustanilanguage
  4. Obstacles faced while editing localized articles - Suyog Vyawahare (User:Suyogaerospace)
  5. Essentials for Nurturing Small Wikis - Arjuna Rao Chavala ( User:arjunaraoc )
  6. Women and non-conventional education - A study from Indian cultural context - Kavya Manohar ( User:Kavya_Manohar )
  7. Empire: Another look at Wikipedia - Achal prabhala (User:Aprabhala)
  8. World's 6th Most Spoken Language: Bengali Wikipedia - Jayanta Nath User:jayantanth
  9. Language Usability Outreach Program -Runa Bhattacharjee (User:Runab_WMF
  10. Collaborative Editing with EtherEditor - Idea, Technology and beyond - Sucheta Ghoshal (User:Sucheta_Ghoshal)
  11. Transparency and collaboration in Wikimedia engineering - Sumana Harihareswara (WMF)
  12. Language Coverage Dashboard - 285 languages and counting - Alolita Sharma(US) (WMF), Runa Bhattacharjee
  13. Who's doing what at WMF Engineering? - Sumana Harihareswara(US) (WMF)

Incomplete Proposals

  1. Telugu Wikimedia projects: Challenges & Opportunities -V. Veera Venkata Chowdary (User:Veeven
  2. Urdu Wikipedia in Rural India - Abdul Rauf (Haseeb)
  3. Wikipedia and Wikiversity - Challenges and Benefits for India - Abhishek Singh (User:abhisheksinghWIKI

  • Some of out of scope proposals are not listed here.


* Apply for Wikimedia Foundation Scholarship. (If you don't wish to travel by own means)

  • Reply and confirm your scholarship acceptance. ( Once you get the scholarship selection mail)

* Are you planning to presentation/workshop/seminar at Wikimania?

  • Deadline for submitting proposals: 30 April 2013
  • Notification of acceptance: June 2013 (TBD)
  • Do we need visa for traveling for Wikimania?
    • Hong Kong is a special Administrative Region of China. Indian Nationals do not require a visa for a period of stay of up to 14 days either for tourism or business. Visa is required for a stay exceeding 14 days
  • Registration is needed for scholarship recipients! Register here:
  • You want to subscribe to wikimania-l mailing list to stay in touch with current updates.
  • Contact Wikimania:Information Desk for some useful information
  • Confirm your travel date for Foundation approved travel agent for booking flight tickets. Please note that the delay in this may result in not getting your preferred dates. ( Last date: 15 June 2013)
    • Useable Tips:
      • Dragon Air offers cheap & non-stop flights to Hong Kong.
      • Jet Airways also offers direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi in decent fare. If you are not from Mumbai or Delhi, you might consider using this as connecting flights.
  • Register & Confirm you accommodation :