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| Mumbai
| Mumbai
| Wikimedia Board of Trustee
| Wikimedia Board of Trustee
| 1 August
| 7 August

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Haifa wikimania 3.png

Wikimania 2011, the 7th annual international conference, is being held on August 4-7, 2011. Are you attending Wikimania 2011 at Haifa, Israel this year? Did you get scholarships from the Wikimedia Foundation for attending Wikimania this year? Add your name in this page so that others can know who all are travelling from India. It will help organize and get information from each other.

# Name UserName Home wiki City/Town Airport Scholarship (Yes/no) / Office bearer Start Date from India Return Date from Haifa Presentation/Talk
1 Jayanta Nath User:jayantanth Bengali Kolkata kolkata Yes kolkata-->Delhi-->Zurich-->TelAviv (3 Augest 2011) TelAviv-->FRANKFURT--> Kolkata ( 8 Augest 2011)
2 Prashanth NS User:Prashanthns English Bangalore Bangalore Yes 1 August 2011 8 August 2011
3 Srikeit User:Srikeit English Pune Mumbai Yes Not finalized (may be 1st August 2011) Not finalized (may be 8th August 2011)
4 Bala User:Sodabottle Tamil Coimbatore Chennai Yes (Partial) Not finalized (may be 3rd August 2011) Not finalized (may be 8th August 2011)
5 Bishakha Datta User:Bishdatta Meta Mumbai Mumbai Wikimedia Board of Trustee 1 August 7 August
6 Achal Prabhala User:Aprabhala Strategy Wiki Bangalore Bangalore Wikimedia Advisory Board
7 Shiju Alex User:Shijualex Malayalam Bangalore Bangalore Yes 2011 August 1 2011 August 12 -
8 Hisham Mundol User:Hmundol Strategy Wiki Delhi Delhi Wikimedia Foundation - India Programs
9 Piyush Singh User:cursed_mask Delhi Delhi Yes 2nd August 9th August (might extend for tour) Yes
10 Anoop User:Anoopan Malayalam Bangalore Bangalore Yes Not decided Not decided -
11 Ravishankar User:ravidreams Tamil Hyderabad Hyderabad Yes Not decided Not decided No
12 Hari Prasad Nadig User:HPN Kannada Bangalore Bangalore Yes 1 August 2011 8 August 2011
13 Suma K A User:sumanadig Kannada Bangalore Bangalore Yes 1 August 2011 8 August 2011
14 Tinucherian User:Tinucherian English / Malayalam Bangalore Bangalore Yes 1 August 2011 9 August 2011 Wikimedia outreach efforts in India

Presentation/Talk proposals from Indian Wikipedians/ India

  1. Shiju Alex (User:Shijualex) and Tinu Cherian (User:Tinucherian) Wikimedia outreach efforts in India
  2. Achal Prabhala (User:Aprabhala), Mohau, Shijualex, Mayur (User:Mayur) People are Knowledge
  3. Arjuna Rao Chavala (User:Arjunaraoc) Strategies for free access to Wikipedia
  4. Syed Muzammiluddin (User:Hindustanilanguage) Revival of the Hindustani Language and the Role of Wikipedia
  5. Swaroop G Rao ( User:MikeLynch) The Wiki-Indian
  6. Mohammed Haris Sumair Wikipedia's role in education
  7. Gurudath Bantwalkar and Hari Prasad Nadig Interscript Transliteration A Case for Konkani Language
  8. Surya Prakash. S ( User:Surya Prakash.S.A. ) Wikimedia projects in Classical languages - An overview of Challenges and Growth prospects
  9. KC Varghese (User:Varkeychen) Inter Lingual Wiktionary
  10. Mohammed Haris Sumair Wikipedia's role in education
  11. Feby C Varghese The Wiki Bond
  12. Vaibhav Jain {Vibhijain} Revival of Sanskrit language
  13. Anivar Aravind (User:AniVar) and Santhosh Thottingal (User:Santhosh.Thottingal) Accessibility and Wikipedia

Submissions Review

The submissions are being reviewed here


  1. Reply and confirm your scholarship approval.
  2. Confirm your travel date for Foundation approved travel agent for booking flight tickets. Please note that the delay in this may result in not getting your preferred dates.
  3. Are you planning to presentation/workshop/seminar at Wikimania? Remember the deadline for submitting workshop, tutorial, panel, and presentation proposals is 30 April, 2011. Submission is now over
  4. Contact your personal travel agent to know the required documents for visa application for Israel. Please note that if you intend to visit to many of the Middle-east/Arab countries in future, you may want to ask the Israeli immigration to stamp a blank page, rather than your passport.
  5. Start collecting the required documents. Here is a list of them. This list is just for informational purposes. Please check with your personal travel agent or Embassy of Israel for complete list of documents required for B2 (Business/Meeting/ Conference) VISA.
    • Application form to be filled in completely and signed by the applicant. (01 application form per person)
    • Two Recent (not older than six months) passport-size photographs in color with white background. (3.5cm / 4.5cm).
    • The Passport should be valid for at least six months (any other type of travel document should be valid for at least six months), beyond the intended duration of stay in the Israel territory and with at least one blank page to affix the visa
    • A signed invitation letter (in Hebrew) from the Israeli company ( Wikimedia Israel) containing following detail :(a) Name of the applicant invited (b) Passport number of the applicant (c) Duration of visit & purpose of travel to Israel (d) Days of the intended stay & dates of Visit.( This letter should also come to the Embassy by Fax from Israel- Fax No. of Embassy/Consulate- Delhi- +91-11-30414555 & for Mumbai- +91-022-22824727 . The Invite letter accompanying the visa application should be in Israel Language as well as English Language
    • A Covering letter from the Indian organization or company ( might not be applicable in our case)
    • Proof of funds for stay/ Evidence of source of Financial support such as : (a) Bank statement for last three months (Name of the applicant should be certified by the bank in the statement) -- Statement downloaded from the internet will NOT be accepted. (b) Salary Statement for the last 2 months. ( Scholarship and invite letter from Wikimedia Foundation may also be required)
    • Flight Ticket Booking
    • Overseas travel medical insurance valid for Israel .The insurance has to cover the applicant for at least 40,000 US$ or equivalent, for all risks e.g. accident, illness, medical emergency evacuation etc. The policy has to clearly specify the period of validity and has to cover the entire duration of the trip including the date of arrival & departure.
    • One Photocopy of first and last page of the passport (in one page) to be submitted.
  6. Registration is needed for scholarship recipients! Register here:
  7. You want to subscribe to wikimania-l mailing list to stay in touch with current updates.
  8. Contact Wikimania:Information Desk for some useful information
  9. The attendess from India have started a mail thread connecting each other. Drop a mail to tinucherian ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com to request to add you.