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Wiki Exhibition @ Samskrita Bharati, Aksharam

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The Samskrit Wiki Team is planning to promote Samskrit Wikipedia during the inauguration of the International Centre for Advanced Study & Research in Samskrit (ICASARIS) @ Aksharam, Bangalore. This event will include a day long exclusive Exhibition and Demo Sessions on Sanskrit Wiki projects. This is expected to increase the awareness about Wikipedia, leading to, inter alia, the enhancement in the contributions to Samskrit Wiki projects.

Samskrita Bharati, is well known for its pioneering work in promoting and reviving the Samskrit language for the past 32 years. A new complex has now been constructed to house ICASARIS. The Inauguration of this is a much awaited event in the Samskrit World as enthusiasts from across the world will now be able to have access to superior training and research materials in Samskrit at this centre. The Samskrit Wiki Team, operating out of this centre since May 2011, plans to utilize this opportunity to promote and popularize Samskrit Wikipedia.

This event is expected to attract around 1000 footfalls, comprising of Academicians from Universities, Entrepreneurs from different walks of life, eminent Personalities, Samskrit scholars, teachers and students. The event will also be highly publicized in both electronic and print media.

Date, Time & Venue

Date:: 3-June-2013
Time: 9 AM - 6 PM
Venue: Samskrita Bharati, 'Aksharam', 8th Cross, Girinagar II Phase, Bangalore - 560085

Key contacts

Contact for Institutions and Participants:
Dr Sumana Arun,
Email: ,

Program Description

  • Introductory posters, bannners, flexes explaining what is wikipedia and the need for wiki for Sanskrit.
  • Introduction to different wiki projects in Sanskrit viz., wikisource, wikiquote, wiktionary etc.
  • Continuously running Powerpoint Presentations on best of the articles, testimonials and feedback from viewers.
  • Mobile App Demo for Sanskrit Wikipedia viewing
  • 'Try It Yourself' kiosk where anybody would be able to create a login for himself and edit for which assistance would be provided.


Please list your name if you would like to volunteer. We need lot of help!


  • Ramesh.K.N
  • N.Suma
  • Aanketh
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Supritha Garkvad
  • Manish Panchmatia
  • Savathri Somayaji
  • Surochana
  • Medha Ramesh
  • K.V. Satish Kumar
  • M.R.Surya Prakash
  • Sri Shaha
  • Dr Sumitra
  • M.H. Desai
  • Vijaya Sarathi
  • Akhilah satisha
  • Mrudula
  • Kashinath Shastry
  • Prakash ken
  • Sharanappa s
  • Venkatalakshmamma
  • B.G. Chandramma
  • E.D.Narahari
  • Mahabeleshwara
  • Dr. Radhakrishna Bhat N
  • Dr. Aratrhi V.B
  • Padmini Ramesh
  • Shashi Kumar
  • Ravi S.Sadhu
  • R.R.Gundurao

Media Coverage

Event Photos

संस्कृतविकिपीडिया- प्रदर्शिनी ३-६-२०१३, बेङ्गलूरू

संस्कृतविकिपीडिया- प्रदर्शिनी ३-६-२०१३, बेङ्गलूरू संस्कृतविकिपीडिया- प्रदर्शिनी ३-६-२०१३, बेङ्गलूरू

Event Report