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Wiki Academy/Nandha Engineering College

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WikiAcademy is the Half-Day workshop to sensitize participants about Wikimedia projects and to enable them to use and contribute to the sum of human knowledge.


  • Theory: 1.5hour
  • Wikipedia History and Overview
  • Wikipedia Policies
  • Setting up computer for Indian Languages ( For participants interested in Indian Languages)
  • Internet Lab: 1.5hour
  • Browsing Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Projects
  • Editing Wikipedia, Commons and other sister projects
  • Using the Sandbox


Time Venue Activity Speakers
Video and Welcome (Video of Jimmy Wales) - With English Subtitles
Basics of Wikipedia and Five Pillars
Interactive Session
Live Workshop
Indic Languages and Wikipedia
Q and A session


  • Get to know the fifth website in terms of highest page views
  • Acquire and share knowledge
  • Learn how to edit Wikipedia

Proposed Date and Location

  • Date - not yet decided

Target audience and preferred language

  • Engineering students
  • Tamil & English


  1. TBD [To be filled by WM-IN]

Contact Persons at the Organisation

  1. Faculty: S. Kavitha, Dean, Department of ECE, Nandha Engineering College
  2. Student Coordinator: [TBD]


  1. Dineshkumar Ponnusamy - English, Tamil, Commons

Custom brochure for the event


Future plans if any