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Assamese Community News
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Assamese wikipedia was one of the first Indic language wikipedias to come into existence on 2nd June 2002. However, actual editing works started only in 2006. For the first few years the growth was very slow owing to lack of editors. In 2011, the activities got accelerated and it completed the '1000 article milestone' on 7th January 2012. To create awareness and help the newcomers, a specific Assamese Wikipedia Community was created in the social networking site Facebook. Mailing list service was also started last year.

Assamese wikipedia

Statistics (as on 01.05.2012)
  • Article count- 1,187
  • Total pages- 21,792
  • Total edit- 68,010
  • Files uploaded- 776
  • Registered users- 4,319 (including bots and global users)
  • Administrators- 7 (4 active)
Outreach programmes

The first ever Assamese wikipedia workshop was held at Guwahati University on 29-th January 2012. About 25 interested people along with Wikimedia Indic languages coordinator Shiju Alex were present on that occasion. 2 days later, the second Assamese wikipedia workshop was held at Tezpur University with the presence of about 50 interested people. The Assamese wikipedia medicine workshop was held on 24th April 2012 at Jorhat Medical College & Hospital.

Typing tool integration

The Narayam keyboard developed by Junaid P. V. was integrated to Assamese wikipedia on 1st November 2011. It has now four typing layouts namely Transliteration, Avro, Barnana and Inscript. "Lohit Assamese" was set as default web font of Assamese wikipedia on 12th December 2011.

FAQ booklet

Taking a cue from their Malayalam counterparts, the Assamese wikipedia community prepared a FAQ booklet (সততে উদিত হোৱা প্ৰশ্নসমূহ আৰু ৱিকিপিডিয়াত অসমীয়া লিখাৰ প্ৰণালী) on January 2012. It was distributed among the participants of the workshops. It is available at .


The first subject specific project of Assamese wikipedia "Wikiproject Physics" was started on 6th February 2012 by User:shijualex and user:Dipankar Chetia. Projects like "wikiproject Medicine", "wikiproject Information Technology", "Wikiproject Assam" etc. were started subsequently.

Media campaigning

A good number of articles about wikipedia have been published in various online and offline magazines in the last few months. Anjal Bora and Jyotipraksh Nath published articles in Prantik (March and April issue), Jyotipraksh Nath in Spondon e-magazine and Adinor Sombad newspaper, Bishnu Saikia in Nila Charai e-magazine, Himjyoti Talukdar in Satsori (April issue) and so on.

Mailing list

The Assamese wikipedia mailing list service was started on 20th December, 2011. Currently it has 62 registered users.

Assamese wikisource

Assamese wikisource activities were started in January 2012. It is yet to get its own sub-domain. Its current status: [1]

Assamese wiktionary

Assames wiktionary was launched in 2005 but was incubated years later due to inactivity. The community is trying to revive it again. Its current status: [2]

Assamese wikiquote

Assamese wikiquote was started in August 2008 but was incubated due to longtime inactivity. Its current status: [3]

Plans for 10 year anniversary

  • To build a stronger community and increasing number of quality articles
  • To arrange more outreach programs
  • To enhance media campaign
  • To revive Assamese wikisource and Assamese wiktionary
  • An all Assam photography and article competition.
  • A central wiki meet will be organized in June.


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