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WikiConference India

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WikiConference India is an annual conference centered on the Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia and similar projects) in India. It features presentations on Wikimedia projects, other wikis, open source software, free knowledge and free content, and the social and technical aspects which relate to these topics. The most recent WikiConference India was in Mumbai, Israel in November 2011.

WikiConference India attracts Wikimedia project participants from around the India, including writers, editors, and photographers; Wikimedia Foundation staff; and members of the 30+ country-based Wikimedia chapters. Many independent researchers also attend and present. Attendance has ranged from 300 to 720 people, with representation from more than 50 countries. The conference is typically held on a different continent each year, and has taken place in seven countries on five continents to date.

Upcoming WikiConference India

Past WikiConference India

year (linked to org hist page) location feedback and suggestions
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conference wiki
2016 Chandigarh WikiConference India 2016 WikiConference_India_2016
2011 Mumbai WikiConference India 2011 WikiConference_India_2011

Future WikiConference India

The first and most critical decision to be made for each upcoming Wikimania is where it will be held. Most generally, this decision is based on which group of local volunteers is best equipped to accomplish the complex collection of tasks that lead to a successful conference; there is also a strong effort to ensure that conference locations are distributed fairly evenly around the globe from year to year.

The first step in the process the selection of a jury, which will solicit and evaluate bids from local volunteer teams. Jury selection typically takes place in November, about 18 months before the conference is to take place, and bidding opens shortly thereafter. The jury's final decision is typically announced in April, which allows time for organizers to attend and observe that year's Wikimania as they begin ramping up efforts for the following year.

Getting involved


Suggestions and comments

See table above, #Past WikiConference India, for feedback from specific conferences; discuss general concerns on this article's talk page.