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WikiBhasha for Indian Wikis

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What is WikiBhasha?

WikiBhasha (Beta) is a browser-based application that helps a community of users to create multilingual content in their [non-English] Wikipedias, leveraging the large English Wikipedia content. This application manifests as a simple and intuitive user interface layer that stays on the target language Wikipedia article that is created or enhanced through this application, during the user-session. At the end of the session, all content created or modified are submitted to the target language Wikipedia. More details

The source code for this MediaWiki extension developed by Microsoft Research has been released as open source, though certain Terms of Use conditions are being ironed out.

Feedback session

Microsoft Research wants feedback on the User Interface, User Experience, and on the philosophical issues of creating Wiki content using this application. To that end, a two-hour session is being planned to be conducted (likely in Bangalore) around the end of November or early December. Please signup below if you are interested. Please also pass the message on to your respective Wiki projects.

Interested participants

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