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Welcome back from Wikimania 2019!



Wikimedia India


Shared Experience

Learning Pattern


  • Ad Huikeshoven : Ad and me worked together earlier this year as Election facilitators for ASBS Elections. We discussed issues around the elections and also hosted a meetup subsequently. Ad also shared his experiences from Wikimedia Netherlands which are useful.
  • Tisza Gergő : Tisza has been working in the Movement Strategy 2030 under Product & Technology Working Group. We had supper together and we discussed mutually aligned areas from both Product & Technology and Partnerships. Few of his inputs, such as problems with Wikimedia APIs and they not user-friendly to our potential partners was of great help.
  • RYU Cheol : RYU Cheol also from the Product & Technology Working Group, we discussed recommendations and also congratulated him for South Korea Chapter.

Anything Else