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(Abhijith Jayanthi)
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====Abhijith Jayanthi====
====Abhijith Jayanthi====
[[File:Abhijith Jayanthi.jpg|framed|right|Abhijith Jayanthi]]
;:'''Name:''' Abhijith Jayanthi ([[User:abhijithsince1986]])
;:'''Name:''' Abhijith Jayanthi ([[User:abhijithsince1986]])
;:'''Age:'''  27
;:'''Age:'''  31
;:'''Location:''' India
;:'''Location:''' India
*Indian Institute of Technology Delhi:  B.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power)
*University of London (Lead College: LSE): B.Sc. in Economics and Management
*NILEM: Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
*Harvard Divinity School – Harvard University: Summer Leadership Institute
*Graduate School of Business - Stanford University: Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Ignite Program)
*UNU – MERIT: Certificate in Design and Innovation Policy in Developing Countries
*World Bank Institute: Certificate in Energy Sector Strategies to Support Green Growth
Fluent: English, Hindi and Telugu
;'''Executive Profile'''
Abhijith Jayanthi is a First Generation Entrepreneur with Business Strategy & Investment Management Experience in the fields of Renewable Energy and Industrial Infrastructure.His experience spans areas such a Business Diligence & Strategy, Technology Diligence, Policy Framework, Investment Advisory and Management having worked extensively across India, Middle East and African Geographies.
He currently serves on the board for mid–sized companies, where he is currently responsible for Finance, Strategy and Global Partnerships. Also, he serves as a Technical Consultant to [ World Bank] amongst others.
Outside his business interests, he is passionate about youth empowerment and is/was associated with various International Non-Profits/Bodies, such as [ TakingITGlobal], [ The Pixel Project], [ Amnesty International] and [ UNFPA] amongst others. Also, he presently serves as Under Secretary – Information, India at [ Global Unification International].
Abhijith holds two Bachelor degrees - B.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power) from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi); B.S. in Economics and Management from University of London and diplomas/certificates in areas of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Stanford - GSB), Public Relations & Advertising, Religion (Harvard University), Design and Innovation Policy in Developing Countries (UNU – MERIT) amongst others.
During his free time, he enjoys traveling, exploring new places and has been to 61 Countries.
;'''Fellowships/ Other Committee Roles '''
*[ StartingBloc] Fellow
*AIESEC Alumnus
*International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa 2008 (ICASA 2008): Co – Chair, Media & Communications Committee – YouthFront
*International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific 2007: Youth Rapporteur
*The New 7 Wonders of the World: National Champion - India
; '''Contact me '''
*Skype: Abhijithsince1986 
*Mobile: +91-9866898311
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Abhijith Jayanthi

Name: Abhijith Jayanthi (User:abhijithsince1986)
Age: 31
Location: India