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Nepali News

Nepali Wikipedia

  • It is only a matter of fact that one year back there were only 5000 articles in Nepali Wikipedia but now it has crossed 16000 which is more than 300% increase. Then active users were 30 but now it has become more than eighty five again about 300% increase.
  • Nepali Wikipedia has 187,250 total edits and there are around 86 active users.
  • Media-wiki Interface language is being corrected and translated to make new progress.
  • The numbers of active users has increased from 30+ to 86 this year.
  • Creation of articles about Districts of India, Universities of India is already in progress. Creation of articles on science topics has been initiated in the month of March and a dozens of articles have been created newly and many other existing pages were enriched with data.
  • A project has already been started on writing articles on ancient books and Puranas.
  • The Nepali Wiki Embassy has been made easier to help other users. This will allow other users who do not know Nepali to get help in their language and would be a central place for resources to help with cross-language issues, site-wide policy and software decisions that affect all of us and inter language linking.
  • Our strategic plan is to get the target of 20,000 articles by the 2012 year.
  • A project has been initiated to complete the stub articles.


  • Organized wikithon during Puja Festivals. Various contributors have participated in wikithon. Most active contributors Nirmal Dulal and Krish Dulal were selected for the wikithon 2011 award.

Nepali Wiktionary

  • In Nepali wikitionary also there is notable increase in the number of words in the same period.
  • Our strategic plan is to add more words to fulfill the need of Nepali Dictionary as there is no other on line dictionary in Nepali language.
  • A project has been initiated to complete the stub articles.

Meetings and Wiki meet ups:

Wiki meet up at Open Learning Exchange.

The users also discussed administrator’s policies and how users should be dealt to attract new users. The meeting focused around the topic of how to increase users. Ideas about placing government articles on Wikipedia were also discussed. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects can also be used in the government projects that have been setting up tele-centers in villages. Wikimedia can facilitate with content for the tele-centers.