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{{Mp-featured-wikipedian/wikipedian}}<noinclude>[[Category:Main page templates]]</noinclude>
{{:Featured Wikimedian/Ansumang}}<noinclude>[[Category:Main page templates]]</noinclude>

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Bengaluru Odia Wiki meetup14.JPG
Ansumang Bengaluru Odia Wiki Meetup 14
User:Ansumang Ansuman Giri is active in English Wikiproject & Odia Wikipedia. He has made 2,938 edits in English Wikipedia and 2,574 edits in Odia Wikipedia. He has also volunteered for leading outreach programs in Bangalore and Baleswar for Odia. He is a regular in the Bangalore monthly Wiki Meetups and being a part of chapter as a member he has volunteered for the WikiAcademy in public library, Bangalore. He is a sysop in Odia Wikipedia and apart from editing in multiple subject matters he contributes majorly for technical bug fixing, template creation, gadgets usage and documentation, etc.