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Piyush Maurya with User Name :हिंदुस्थान वासी is primarily a Hindi Wikimedian who contributes on Hindi Wikipedia where he also holds the rights of an administrator. He is a native of Aligarh city in Western Uttar Pradesh. Piyush has been editing on Wikimedia Projects ever since 2013. He first began editing on English Wikipedia and once while reading North India Floods 2013 article he came to know about Hindi Wikipedia from the left side bar. Hindi happens to be his first language and since then he hasn't looked back. He has more than 47,000 global edits which also includes Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons etc. Piyush has been instrumental in taking initiatives to set up different policies on Hindi Wikipedia such as User Page Policy etc. Piyush enjoys editing on film articles and also enjoys reviewing edits. As an administrator, he admires to have many more quality articles. Piyush was recently bestowed with the responsibility to be a User Group Representative for Hindi Wikimedians by the community.