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Raju Suthar
Raju Suthar is one of the most active Wikipedians on the Hindi Wikipedia. He started editing in January 2015 & with help from senior Hindi wikipedians, within 2 months he reached an edit count of 3,000.Currently he has an edit count of 6,500+ with almost 750 articles created to his name.

The real story behind this truly inspiring Wikipedian lies in his humble background. Rarely having any access to a laptop, almost all of his edits have been done through a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S5610). Editing on his phone whenever he gets time,raju while sharing his experience has confessed that editing through a mobile phone was very difficult, due to which he regrets that the contributions which he has made to Wikipedia is not enough and wants to do more for the community & his language.

With Hindi having one of the lowest Editors per million speakers, Raju says that Hindi Wikipedia is not growing as fast as some of the other Indic Languages, due to which his primary aim is to see that the community grows to its full Potential.

He likes writing articles on Topics related to Cricket, his home state of Rajasthan & its history.