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Talk:Announcements/Communication from the Executive Committee regarding first meeting on January 22, 2011

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  • Why the need to protect the page? This is a Wiki and editing restricted to logged on members. It is offensive, as if you expect one of us to vandalise it.
  • Secondly, please change the name "Hari Prasad HS" to "Hari Prasad Nadig".

AshLin 03:23, 15 February 2011 (EST)

Hi AshLin. I protected the page because it is a one-time record unlike something that evolves. Do you foresee any need to edit this? Definitely no offence meant to anyone. Even if someone copyedits it, the version will cease to be a replica of a communication that *went out already*. As for HP Nadig, let me go back to my source and check if it needs to be changed. -- Sundar 04:07, 15 February 2011 (EST)
It would be a gesture of trust at a time of distrust. In a wiki, there is no question of any one getting away with vandalism. The change can be reverted. Each edit can be tracked. You need to "Assume Good Faith" here.
As far as the name change is concerned, the Secretary on this page is listed as Hari Prasad HS, in this page, it says Hari Prasad Nadig, please reconcile. That is what I wanted to edit.
For a Wikipedia based community, only Arunram & HPN have given their Wikipedia user ids explicitly. Please add these to the others, including your own. In some of these blurbs, one gets the impression the EC does not consist of Wikipedians or has little interaction/commonality with them. Wherever you can, please make them more Wikipedia relevant by adding a few more details about the participation, edit count, admin or any achievements. These may be grouped together as a second paragraph below the blurb. It will help in managing perceptions by emphasising these credentials. A subheading to the second paragraph may help emphasise but you may take a call on that. AshLin 05:35, 15 February 2011 (EST)
Fair point and while I have an ID, I am not active on Wikipedia. Gautam John 06:15, 15 February 2011 (EST)
Thanks AshLin. I'll take your suggestions. I had put links to my userpage in the text of the blurb, but agree that it's not apparent. Have added the link separately now. In my blurb, I didn't explicitly mention that I'm an admin on the English wiki, bureaucrat on the Tamil Wiki, and an admin on Tamil Wiktionary, because I worried it may appear to be flaunting it (particularly for non-wikipedians who want to know our bios and happen to read it). Since you asked, let me tell you that I've made approximately 18,000 edits across several wikis and my bot has made 1,00,000+ uploads to Tamil wiktionary. I thought putting these and other wiki contributions will make it appear pompous. If you think otherwise, let me add some more details. Others might've thought similarly, but they'll certainly listen to your feedback.
As for protecting this page, like I said before, it's not out of any distrust or any fear of vandalism (if you notice, I haven't protected the bio page even though it is a high visibility page likely to be used by non-wikipedians). But, because it's an archive of a letter that was sent on a particular date, if we make even a genuine change, it no longer is an exact copy of the email that was sent. That was my hesitation. If you think that might be misconstrued as lack of trust, let me unprotect it right away. -- Sundar 08:01, 15 February 2011 (EST)
Thank you for your positive response. The wp statistics and facts may seem like boasting but never mind - show the exact status. If Gautam has only 50 edits, show it as it is - neither flaunt nor apologise, just reflect reality. Perhaps he may like to increase his edit count out of his own interest. That is his personal choice. Like it has been discussed, all EC members don't need to be editors of good standing. 08:34, 15 February 2011 (EST)

AshLin, any announcement sent from the Wikimedia Chapter will be posted here verbatim. As this happens to be a wiki, there is a chance that these pages may be vandalized. Given the propensity of the Indian media to quote information from Wikis (esp. the English Wikipedia) without checking the veracity of the facts, I think it's best if we leave these pages protected. I hope you realize that we are a legally registered organization now and cannot have just any person who does not represent the chapter changing the content of our releases without authorization. Thanks for your understanding. Nearly Headless Nick 16:59, 15 February 2011 (EST)

Well, Nick, I see you responded to my post but not to my original point - is Hari Prasad HS the same person as Hari Prasad Nadig or not? If you intend this to be an official release you need to be absolutely correct. Any reader of both these pages will wonder why there is a discrepancy of names. After my pointing out more than 24 hours ago, you have made no effort to correct it or give a clarification though Gautam, Sundar and now you responded to me. You also prevent me from editing by your desire to keep these pages protected. (Since you stated that you wanted these pages protected, I have not edited it though unprotected.) Do you feel this is right? AshLin 00:07, 16 February 2011 (EST)
It's the same person and we have correctly mentioned his legal name. I had responded to the first question you had originally asked, and Hari would be responding to the second one since he is in the best position to do so. -- Nearly Headless Nick 02:55, 16 February 2011 (EST)
Thank you for your response. AshLin 03:16, 16 February 2011 (EST)

Moving forward

A different issue, Bishakha has been feeling the pinch due to the chapter events creating a vacuum of sorts. She is apprehensive about her involvement in so many Wikimedia affairs, especially those which are seen in other countries as being the responsibility of country chapters and not that of the Foundation. In the absence of Chapter involvement she has had to abrogate to herself roles which may be misconstrued as interference or micro-management by a trustee. We need to thank her, reassure her, ask her to continue her dedicated involvement regardless and also eventually fill in the gap and over time relieve her to carry out her mandated duties.

Yes, I would be very pleased if chapter members could step in so I could step back from the numerous emails, phone calls, chat queries etc that come my way everyday. Hopefully, Hisham being in place will also free me up somewhat. Perhaps this is just the way things are till it all settles down, but I spend a good chunk of my day on India stuff. And more than anything else, need the time to do other, paid work (while doing stuff at community request like Mumbai GLAM that I am genuinely interested in)! --Bishdatta 07:13, 16 February 2011 (EST)

A problem with all EC members being in Bangalore is that there is none in Mumbai. Too much authority in too small a place. Transcending geography will be a challenge if this trend continues. Unlike the West, nothing gets done in India without physical and personal interaction. So without considering this EC's individual members credentials, there is an organic requirement for next EC having area-wise reps - say one each for North, Delhi, Centre, East, West, South. I must say, it was great of Anirudh Bhati to attend events in Mumbai and Pune coming from Ahmedabad. If EC members are geographically located, they can visit locally and help support city subchapters better. They need to be in centres of power where they can influence events.

Similarly, we need a different Indic-languages committee with representation from each language wikipedia/wiktionary/etc cluster. The deliberations of this committee on Indic languages should be honoured by the EC and not modified/vetoed. They may be earmarked a separate budget head too.

Lastly, each EC member needs to handle a group of activities so that efficient distribution of work can be done. Right now, with GLAM spreading like wildfire in India and GLAM being the responsibility of Chapter and not foundation, please delegate this responsibility to some one specific from the EC who will steward GLAM affairs. I would recommend one of the three members who is not the Secy, President or Treasurer for this.

You may like to discuss these proposals on the list. If you desire, I can reflect the last three paras on the open list for consideration by all.

I shall close with one of our Army farewell sayings "TAGDA RAHO". AshLin 08:34, 15 February 2011 (EST)

AshLin, we'll take note of your suggestions and incorporate the more feasible ones. Also, please keep in mind that the chapter is not just the EC, it'll have (hopefully) hundreds of members of the community in its membership and tasks will be taken over by all of them distributed across hte country. -- Sundar 02:43, 17 February 2011 (EST)