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'''Hyderabad SIG'''  is recently launched and Abhijith Jayanthi, an entrepreneur is the current chair for Hyderabad SIG
[[File:Abhijith Jayanthi.jpg|framed|right|Abhijith Jayanthi]]
'''Hyderabad SIG'''  is recently launched and Abhijith Jayanthi, an entrepreneur is the current chair for Hyderabad SIG. If you are interested or wish to join Hyderabad SIG - please find his contact details below:
'''Wikimedia username:''' User:abhijithsince1986 '''Email me at:''' abhijith{{@|12px}}
==Language Special Interest Groups==
==Language Special Interest Groups==

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To nominate someone for the role of SIG Chair, please see : SIG Nominations.
To nominate someone for the post of SIG Chait, or to nominmate yourself, you must be a member of the chapter. Please refer to this page for details. Joining the chapter is easy. It costs INR 100 for a year and only requires a simple form to be filled up.

Task force objectives

Wikimedia India proposes to interface with Community through the formation of City and Language special interest Subcommittee. The following are the guidelines to identify leaders for them.

  • A chair person of each SIG (City/Langauge) can only represent either a city or a language.
  • Members of SIG: You can belong to any number of Language SIGs to which you contribute, but only belong to one City SIG that is closest to your place of residence in the same geographic entity as yours.
  • Self nomination with recommendation by others or nominations of other members of the same SIG and/or a member of the Executive Committee acceptance by such nominated individuals are allowed.
  • Chairs of such subcommittees will interface with one EC member charged with City/Language SIG
  • All such Chairpersons, if they are not members, are required to apply for membership of the Chapter at the earliest.
  • SIG pages on Members wiki will be used for nominations, Members identification, discussions and finalisation of the Chairpersons.
  • In case no consensus emerges on the chairperson for a particular SIG, chapter EC will decide on the same considering the inputs available.
  • Chairpersons are expected to serve in their roles for one-two years.

Task force Stewardship & Members

  • Srikanth Ramakrishnan-Chair, City and Language SIGs
  • Each SIG Chair (details in the pages linked below) will be part of this team

Role of the Chairperson of the City/Language

  • Single point contact for Chapter to discuss issues, events of interest in such SIG
  • Responsible for promoting Wikimedia projects, nurturing growth of Community
  • SIG framework

The role will evolve based on inputs. Please discuss on talk page.

City Special Interest Groups


RadhaKrishna Arvapally

RadhaKrishna is UMTS NodeB Architect working in Alcatel-Lucent, living in Bangalore. He started contributing to Telugu/English WikiMedia Projects from 2006.

Wikimedia username: Arkrishna Email me at: Arkrishna at


Kundan Amitabh User Id : angpradesh is a contributor to Wikipedia (Hindi, English), Meta,Commons,Translatewiki and Wikimedia Incubator (Angika Language). He can be reached at kundanamitabh at or kundan.amitabh at


Mandar Kulkarni during Marathi Track during WikiConference India 2011.jpg

Mandar Kulkarni is an editor and Sysop in Marathi Wikipedia and interested in contributing to Marathi Wikipedia in various topics including personalities, forts, artists. He is active in outreach in Pune. Mandar Kulkarni is a Contributor in English Wikipedia and also contributes in Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimedia username : mvkulkarni23 Email me at : mandar.kulkarni at


Kalyan Sarkar is a software professional based in Kolkata. He made his first edit in 2006 and returned after a gap of three years to become a regular contributor since 2009. His interest areas include the history and culture of Bengal and Kolkata.

  • Contributor in English Wikipedia and Commons
  • Involved in organizing monthly meet ups in Kolkata.
  • Interested in organizing Wiki outreach programs.

Wikimedia username: User:BengaliHindu Email me at: kalyan at


Abhijith Jayanthi

Hyderabad SIG is recently launched and Abhijith Jayanthi, an entrepreneur is the current chair for Hyderabad SIG. If you are interested or wish to join Hyderabad SIG - please find his contact details below:
Wikimedia username: User:abhijithsince1986 Email me at: abhijith at

Language Special Interest Groups


Jayanta Nath

Jayanta Nath is a Civil Engineering professional based in Kolkata. He started his contributions to Wikimedia / Wikimedia in 2006 as an anonymous editor and registered his username in 2007.

  • Active contributor and Administrator in Bengali Wikipedia and Bengali Wikibooks.
  • Actively involved in Wikipedia activities based out of Kolkata.
  • Have been active in running Kolkata meetups every month for wikipedians along with a core team of wikipedians.
  • His interest is in organising Wikipedian efforts and in outreach. There is a whole lot of outreach work to be done for Indian language wikipedias.

Wikimedia username : User:jayantanth Email me at : jayanta at


WikiConference India 2011 Snap 9370.JPG

AshLin is interested in editing articles on a wide variety of subjects including biodiversity, philately, science, history, specifically military history. AshLin is interested and active in outreach and GLAM in Pune. He had recently participated in the Victoria and Albert Museum GLAM event for expanding Tipu's Tiger. A curator of a small museum, AshLin is a supporter of Marathi Wikipedia and has fairly good command of Marathi language. He activly involves in English and Marathi Wikipedia activities. He is currently involved in giving a framework to the Offline Schools Wikipedia Indian Edition and also to the cleanup effort needed for WikiProject India on English Wikipedia.

Wikimedia username : User:Ashlin Email me at : ashlin at



Omshivaprakash H L is a professional based in Bengaluru. He is interested in outreach programs across Karnataka. Have been on wikipedia since 2007 as a registered user. He has been encouraging people to use English & Kannada Wikipedia as a reader/contributor ever since he explored it on internet.

Wikimedia username : User:Omshivaprakash Email me at : omshivaprakash at



Email me at : mahitgar at



Rahimanuddin Shaik

Rahmanuddin Shaik.JPG

Rahimanuddin Shaik's user page on Telugu Wikipedia is appointed as Telugu SIG chair.

Email me at: rahimanuddin at

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