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Reports/June 2016

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Call for membership to Wikimedia India Chapter

WMIN sent Renewal reminders to all its existing members. Apart from that, Announcement for New membership has been made on all language communities’ mailing list & India mailing list. Membership can be availed at individual and at institutional level. Members get to be a part of the Wikimedia Chapter and its mission. They can participate in voting procedure and standing for the Executive Committee membership in the elections of Wikimedia Chapter.

For membership form, Please Click Here


Wiki Loves Earth India 2016

Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) - an annual international photographic competition held during the month of June, organized worldwide by the Wikipedia community members with the help of local Wikimedia affiliates across the globe. Wikimedia India is conducting this competition in India. Participants take pictures of local natural heritage and scenic landscape in their countries, and upload them to Wikimedia Commons.

The aim of event is to highlight the conservation areas of the participating countries with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures of these sights, and to put them under a free licence which can then be re-used not only in Wikipedia but everywhere by everyone.

Currently, around 32,000+ images have been uploaded so far, which makes this program one of the highest image uploading program so far. Ranging from Van Vihar National Park to The natural beauty of Assam, participants have covered Indian Heritage Panorama.

To check image count so far, You can visit our Category page To view photos and the details of the event, Please Click here.

WikiConference India 2016 (WCI 2016)

WMIN is actively involved in the organizing the WCI 2016, including Scholarship, Finance & Sponsorship Committees.

Current Updates of the event

  • PEG request for WCI 2016 has been approved.
  • Phase 1 filtering of scholarship applications has been done. Among 450+ applications, 200+ applications have been shortlisted for final review. We are expecting to announce the results by July first week.
  • WCI 2016 has announced its Call for Participation to submit proposals for paper presentations, lightning talks, and workshops.
  • WikiConference India organizers have started the Punjab edit-a-thon. It is a gift from all Indian language communities for the Punjabi community which is hosting the conference. The community which will add most number of bytes or words will be awarded a trophy.
  • WCI organizers are taking inputs from the community for the conference Code of Conduct.

WMIN participation in TTT and MWT

EC member Abhinav Srivastava and Sanket Oswal attended Train-the-Trainer (TTT) and MediaWiki Training (MWT) as Resource attendees.

TTT (Train-the-Trainer) was held in Bangalore on 15th- 17th June 2016. It was attended by English, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Assamese, Kannada, Maithili , Marafthi , Urdu , Odia wikipedians.

MWT (MediaWiki Training) - a residential training workshop to groom technical leadership skills among the Indian Wikimedia community members. It was orgranized on 17th- 19th May 2016 in Centre for Internet & Society, Bangalore.

Quarterly Meetup with CIS-A2K

WMIN & CIS-A2K scheduled their quarterly meetup on 18th June in Bangalore

Wikipedia Summit Nashik 2016

Wiki Summit Nashik was organized on 26th June 2016 at IEI hall, Nashik. The event provided a common platform for all Wikimedians to meet and share their views, discuss challenges and exchange useful tips, best practices and other information. The Summit was open for participation of existing editors and for students who wish to learn wikipedia editing.

This summit was funded by WMF & supported by Wikimedia India.

Featured Wikimedian of the month

Featured Wikimedian for June

Raju Suthar is one of the most active Wikipedians on the Hindi Wikipedia. He started editing in January 2015 & with help from senior Hindi wikipedians, within 2 months he reached an edit count of 3,000.Currently he has an edit count of 6,500+ with almost 750 articles created to his name. The real story behind this truly inspiring Wikipedian lies in his humble background. Rarely having any access to a laptop, almost all of his edits have been done through a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S5610). Editing on his phone whenever he gets time,raju while sharing his experience has confessed that editing through a mobile phone was very difficult, due to which he regrets that the contributions which he has made to Wikipedia is not enough and wants to do more for the community & his language. With Hindi having one of the lowest Editors per million speakers, Raju says that Hindi Wikipedia is not growing as fast as some of the other Indic Languages, due to which his primary aim is to see that the community grows to its full Potential. He likes writing articles on Topics related to Cricket, his home state of Rajasthan & its history.


Affiliate-selected Board Elections

The Affiliate-selected Board elections were conducted successfully. The Winning candidates were Christophe Henner and Nataliia Tymkiv. A total of 40 affiliates (including 39 chapters and the sole Thematic Organisation) voted.

For the last 10 years, Christophe Henner served as a board member and led a successful Wikimedia France reorganization. In December 2012, Nataliia Tymkiv joined Wikimedia Ukraine. She was shortly elected as a Board Member and have been on Board of Wikimedia Ukraine ever since.

For more details, please visit the Result Page

WikiConference India Logo finalization

Logo Challenge competition was organized to create logo for WikiConference India 2016. The Page for the challenge can be found here

After voting by community, the result was published

The final selected logo was designed by Manoj, who is a design student and FOSS enthusiast- Final logo for WikiConference by Manojopenworks

Upcoming Wikimedia Foundation’s New Readers research in India

WMF team will be in India from June 13 to 27. The research will focus on:

  • Urban, semi-urban, and rural internet users.
  • in Hindi, Tamil, and English languages.
  • From education, technology, and rural industry backgrounds.
  • Around the Delhi (including nearby Noida and Gurgaon) and Chennai areas.

PEG Draft for WikiConference 2016 in April

WikiConference India 2016 is India's national Wikimedia event that will provide a common platform for all Indic Wikimedians to meet and share their views, tell about their works and activities in a national-level event and discuss the challenges they are facing to execute their projects and exchange useful tips, best practices and other information.

The PEG Draft for WikiConference India 2016 was live and available for vetting and consideration by the Grant approval committee in the month of April. For more details, please visit -

Wikimedia India Blog

Wikimedia India has decided to restart its blog which has been active for quite a long time Our first article has been written by our Inter Rudra Pratap from Kolkatta

In the Media


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