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* Rahul will extend his discussion note with suggestions about how to answer the ‘who’ question. Rosie, Kvardek, Lukas, Lorenzo, Mykola are willing to help and give feedback. Will be on the agenda of next meeting.
* Rahul will extend his discussion note with suggestions about how to answer the ‘who’ question. Rosie, Kvardek, Lukas, Lorenzo, Mykola are willing to help and give feedback. Will be on the agenda of next meeting.
[,_2018 Affiliate Chairpersons meeting July 20, 2018]
[ Detailed Discussion Note]
[ Detailed Discussion Note]

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Institutional Update

Call For Membership

Membership is open to Indian citizens (aged 18 years and above) and Institutions registered in India. As a member, one will have voting rights in the chapter's elections and also represent Wikimedia India in dealing with institutions, after appropriate authorization. The annual membership fee is ₹100/- for Individuals and ₹1000/- for Institutions. All the new memberships and renewals of previous memberships are effective through 31 March 2019. The membership fee can be paid either by NEFT/Statebank Interbranch transfer/DD/Cheque to Chapter Bank account. If you would like to deposit cash/outstation cheques into Chapter SBI Bank account, at SBI branches, please add ₹25/- as collection charges. However it is advised to transfer the amount through NEFT as the charges are much lower, and helps in expediting the process.

To comply with the legal requirements, it is mandatory that an applying member should also send either a hard or soft copy of an identity proof which mentions their name, along with date of birth, photo and address. The typical identity documents acceptable are: (i) Voter ID (ii) Passport (iii) PAN card (iv) Driving License (v) Aadhaar Card

The Chapter membership committee will endeavour to process all applications within four weeks. Membership committee reserves the right to reject membership applications, with reason. In such cases, if payment is already made, the same will be refunded without any interest for the intervening period otherwise, the payment instrument (Cheque/DD) will be returned. However, the Rules and Regulations of the Wikimedia Chapter provide for appeal in such cases in Article IV-1. “In cases where the Executive Committee does not approve the application for membership of a person, said the person may appeal to the General Body at the next Annual General Meeting.”


Orientation workshop on language computing and Wikimedia projects

A workshop was hosted at Sreesankara University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala, by Viswanathan Prabhakaran, executive committee member along with Wikimedia Chapter member Ranjith Siji on 27th July 2018.

Economics & Political Weekly: The Wikipedia Library

Wikipedia Library owl

The free access to Economic & Political Weekly is now available through The Wikipedia Library! Economic & Political Weekly is a social science journal with archives dating back to 1949. Editors can now apply at <>. As an Indian organisation, with translations available in a number of Indian languages, access is being prioritised for editors contributing to topics related to India.

Economic & Political Weekly is indexed on Scopus <abstract - citation database> and it is ranked highest among social science journals in India and second highest in Asia. It features scholarly non-open source content (which can now be attained via The Wikipedia Library) from Nobel Laureates like Dr. Amartya Sen to Dr. Manmohan Singh (in his capacity as an economist). Also, Sunil Abraham, Executive Director, Centre For Internet and Society has written for the journal.

Former executive committee member, communicated on behalf of the Chapter for this partnership.

React native login app with Wikimedia API

Wiki community in India is too big, every community need a mobile application (android/ios) for personal/community use (like finding wiki article nearby you on google map, etc). Santosh Shingare, an executive committee member has developed login app (react native android app) with Wikimedia API.

MediaWiki logo

Video Manual



Wikimania 2018

Two executive committee members attended the Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. Rahul Deshmukh and Viswanathan Prabhakaran. Several programs were hosted by Wikimedia India EC members.

Rahul Deshmukh, President, Wikimedia India initiated the conflict management process for the affiliates.

Wikimania 2018 logo

Conflict Management : Affiliate Chairpersons

  • Rahul Deshmukh explained the 5 steps of the theoretical model that he described in his discussion note. In the discussion that followed several remarks were made and suggestions were given.
  • The framework does not answer the "who?" question. AffCom? But AffCom can take the affiliate status away and its members are volunteers, probably without much experience in this field. The FDC? But FDC decides or influences the budget of an affiliate. Lowering the budget of an affiliate might escalate the situation and not be helpful. WMF staff? WMF staff always only comes as the 'cavalry' when the conflict is already out of control. We need an independent body to act in case of conflicts. The Movement Strategy process should address this issue.
  • Suggestion: let's think about creating something like an 'ombudsman' or a 'buddy project'. Let’s also pay attention to prevent conflicts to escalate into real a real crisis.
  • Rahul will extend his discussion note with suggestions about how to answer the ‘who’ question. Rosie, Kvardek, Lukas, Lorenzo, Mykola are willing to help and give feedback. Will be on the agenda of next meeting.

Affiliate Chairpersons meeting July 20, 2018 Detailed Discussion Note

Other News

Not related to Wikimedia India but activities happening in the larger movement.

11th World Hindi Conference 2018

Hindi Wikipedia stall at WHC 2018

The 11th World Hindi Conference (WHC) was organized from 18-20 August 2018 in Mauritius by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in association with the Government of Mauritius. Suyash Dwivedi, Wikimedia India, executive committee member along with Ashish Bhatnagar from Hindi Wikipedia participated as Wikimedians.

Re-creation of CC-India chapter

The Creative Commons India chapter is reformed. The old structure will be changed to match the newly introduced Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN). There were two meetings on 1st September — one in Bangalore (at CIS office) and one in Delhi (see venue details below - both events are organized at the former CC affiliate institutional space).

Venue for Bangalore
CIS Bangalore office (have confirmed with admin staffer)
Venue for Delhi
Acharya Narendra Dev College, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019

India Independence Day 2018 - Label-a-thon

India flag-XL-anim

A Wikidata "label-a-thon" was hosted around India's 72nd Independence Day. The primary objective of this "label-a-thon" was to expand and improve on labels, descriptions, and aliases primarily in Indian languages.