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Reports/February 2013

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Dear all, Greetings from Wikimedia India !

Organisational Updates

Membership as of 28th February 2013 is 156.

Amount of donations processed during the month is Rs 4020.

Board Meetings:
A board meeting was held in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th February. It was attended by all EC members. Bala Jeyaraman joined the meeting for the first time since he was co-opted in January 2013.

Community & Special Interest Groups

  • Pradeep Mohandas was elected as SIG chair for GLAM in India.


  • Wikipedia Mumbai Meetup 20
  • Wikiacademy during GNUnify, Pune
  • Wikimedia and Creative Commons Workshop, Pune
  • Wikimedia and Creative Commons Workshop, Mumbai
  • Wikimedia and Creative Commons Workshop, Delhi
  • Wikimedia and Creative Commons Workshop, Bangalore
  • IIMB Wikimedia Workshop, Bangalore

Upcoming Events

A round-up of Wikimedia events, academies and initiatives around the nation are updated here.

Media Coverage

Grants Funded

No grant was funded during this month

We look forward to your continued support and active participation.

On behalf of Wikimedia Chapter (India)
Karthik Nadar,