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Reports/April-June 2018

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Project Tiger Writing Contest

The second phase of the pilot project, named the "Project Tiger Edit-a-thon 2018", started from March and continued through the end of May. The participating Indian language Wikipedia communities had competed for three months on a writing contest focused on content gaps. 10 Indic languages; Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu, along with English took part in the contest.


Language Participants Articles New Page views
Expanded Page


Contest articles Stats page
Bengali 17 379 29,740 47,583 Petscan link Fountain link
English 7 20 2348 85296 Petscan link Fountain link
Gujarati 9 97 8809 4595 Petscan link Fountain link
Hindi 17 143 11819 Fountain link
Kannada 8 78 1296 Petscan link Fountain link
Malayalam 22 251 18753 6783 Petscan link Fountain link
Odia 7 87 Petscan link Fountain link
Punjabi 32 1320 10926 3973 Petscan link Fountain link
Tamil 56 1241 63617 90896 Petscan link Fountain link
Telugu 8 125 Fountain link
Marathi 8 30 Fountain link
Urdu 29 694 21606 10195 Petscan link Fountain link
Total 220 4466 1,65,774 2,32,816


Wikipedia is one of the first stops for readers and researchers. The goal of the activity is to add one reference to Wikipedia! Any citation to a reliable source is a benefit to Wikipedia readers worldwide. Wikimedia India executive committee member Krishna Chaitanya Velaga hosted two event in Warangal and Guntur. Report

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