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=== Gendergap SIG===
=== Gendergap SIG===
'''Wikimedia username:''' User:Rohini
'''Wikimedia username:''' User:Rohini <br>
'''Email:''' rohini{{@|12px}}
'''Email:''' rohini{{@|12px}}
[[Category:Wikimedia India]]
[[Category:Wikimedia India]]

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Swaroop Rao is a student of Mechanical engineering in Bangalore. He is active in the English and Sanskrit Wikipedias, and is also a part of various Wikimedia outreach programs in India and the United States. His notable contributions include:

  • Bureaucrat on the Sanskrit Wikipedia.
  • Elected member of 7 member steering committee which heads the United States Education Program and other associated Ambassador programs sponsored by the WMF.
  • OTRS (Open Ticket Response System) volunteer (info-en(full)), the system which handles all emails associated with Wikimedia projects.
  • Over 13,000 edits on English Wikipedia, and an active member of many WikiProjects.
  • Member of the ACC Account creator project and Abuse Response Team of English Wikipedia.
  • Volunteered as Sanskrit SIG chair from July 2011 to May 2012

Wikimedia username: User:MikeLynch Email: swarooprao at

Gendergap SIG

Wikimedia username: User:Rohini
Email: rohini at