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Internet Relay Chats/October 18, 2015

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
October 18, 2015, 09:00 PM - 10:30 PM (IST)

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect

WMIN Executive Committee Elections 2015.


For potential candidates and voters to clarify election rules and procedures with Election Committee and current EC regarding WMIN Executive Committee Elections 2015.

Please note that the IRC session will be logged for documentation purpose. Channel archives are available here.


Please note that the time is marked in UTC.

Chat history as recorded at

[15:21:34] <dbsr>	 Hello Everyone.
[15:27:08] <Satdeep>	 Hello friends
[15:29:56] <dbsr>	 Hello Everyone. This is D B Srinivas for Elecom
[15:30:27] <Satdeep>	 Hello, I am Satdeep Gill from Punjabi Wikipedia
[15:30:52] <dbsr>	 Hello Satdeep. Good to see you here
[15:31:05] <dbsr>	 Let us wait a few minutes to formally start
[15:31:22] <dbsr>	 Other Elecom members are trying to join
[15:31:28] <Satdeep>	 Likewise
[15:31:35] <Satdeep>	 Yes let us wait...
[15:31:38] <Ravidreams>	 Hi
[15:31:43] <Sailesh>	 Hello , This is Sailesh from Odia Wikipedia
[15:31:47] <dbsr>	 Hello Ravi
[15:31:51] <Satdeep>	 Hi Ravi and Sailesh
[15:32:36] <Ravidreams>	 Glad to see you all here
[15:33:16] <dbsr>	 Just spoke to Yogesh , he will join back
[15:33:24] <Satdeep>	 Same here and i was just remembering the famous "Hi, I am Ravi" quote
[15:33:32] <dbsr>	 Hello Sailesh
[15:33:55] <Ravidreams>	 Satdeep: ;)
[15:34:02] <dbsr>	 I see a few more logged in . Can you please identify yourself
[15:34:51] <csyogi>	 Hi
[15:34:57] <dbsr>	 Hello Yogesh. Good to see that you could connect back
[15:35:12] <csyogi>	 There was some issue with the Internet
[15:35:28] <dbsr>	 Was on call with Subas. He is having some toruble connecting
[15:35:41] <dbsr>	 Hello Chinmayi
[15:36:17] <dbsr>	 We have 3 members of Elecom who have joined in now
[15:36:46] <dbsr>	 I propose that we formally start the session and open for questions
[15:37:57] <Satdeep>	 Yes
[15:37:59] <dbsr>	 I have not seen any questions placed on the Talk page yet. So we can go ahead with any questions coming up here
[15:38:46] <dbsr>	 Once again, request  folks who joined in now to please identify themselves
[15:39:29] <abhinav>	 Hello
[15:39:45] <dbsr>	 Hello Abhinav.
[15:39:57] <kiranravikumar>	 Namasthe, this is Kiran here from Kn community.
[15:40:11] <dbsr>	 Hello
[15:40:16] <Satdeep>	 Hi Abhinav and Kiran
[15:40:55] <dbsr>	 Elecom members on this IRC are identified with nicknames   dbsr  csyogi and chinmayi
[15:41:00] <chinmayi>	 Hello Everyone
[15:41:29] <dbsr>	 Hello Subas
[15:41:51] <Sailesh>	 Hello Subas sir , Kiran , Abhinav
[15:41:52] <Subas>	 Hello
[15:42:11] <Subas>	 Hello all
[15:43:30] <dbsr>	 Are there any current EC members ?
[15:44:02] <Subas>	 Ayakanu, are you there?
[15:44:12] <Ravidreams>	 I have informed all EC members a short while ago about this IRC chat
[15:44:40] <Ravidreams>	 Subas: yes
[15:44:42] <dbsr>	 Thanks Ravi. I saw the email reminder.
[15:45:02] <Subas>	 Pl.start
[15:45:17] <dbsr>	 Yes. Forum is open for questions
[15:45:56] <dbsr>	 This is primarily to clarify any questions regarding election rules and other queries that potential candidates for EC might have
[15:46:59] <dbsr>	 The rules are available in
[15:49:33] <jayanta>	 Hello All
[15:49:36] <Subas>	 Mr Rao, Pl. Tell us what to do.
[15:50:04] <dbsr>	 For now, we just wait for any questions
[15:50:55] <Ravidreams_>	 Testing connection
[15:51:00] <dbsr>	 Hello Ravi
[15:51:21] <Satdeep>	 So, anyone who is eligible to vote is eligible to be a candidate ?
[15:51:59] <dbsr>	 Yes. But there are some exceptions.
[15:52:28] <dbsr>	 Those who have already served 2 terms are not eligible
[15:53:21] <dbsr>	 There are also some other specific cases mentioned in the rules
[15:53:37] <dbsr>	 The rules are available in
[15:54:51] <dbsr>	 Candidates who are currently being paid or in the process of getting into paid positions in the next two years for their time spent or planned to be spent towards Wikimedia projects by Wikimedia Foundation or its affiliates are not eligible.
[15:55:24] <Sailesh>	 We will caste our vote online ?
[15:55:31] <dbsr>	 No
[15:55:57] <dbsr>	 Ballot papers will be mailed once the final list of candidates is available
[15:56:00] <Sailesh>	 Then?
[15:56:16] <Sailesh>	 Oh
[15:56:25] <dbsr>	 Alternate is via personal appearance and voting on the Election/AGM day
[15:57:38] <dbsr>	 The mail will contain 2 envelopes inside. Votes have to be marked on the ballot paper, put inside small envelope and sealed. This has to be then placed inside the larger envelope and mailed.
[15:59:00] <Subas_>	 I joined in desktop.
[15:59:37] <Sailesh>	 Mail , I guess postal mail ?
[15:59:48] <dbsr>	 Yes. This is by postal mail
[16:00:17] <dbsr>	 Mail will be sent to all eligible members on there registered address.
[16:01:01] <Kasyap>	 HI
[16:01:11] <dbsr>	 Hello
[16:01:23] <Satdeep>	 Okay
[16:01:35] <Kasyap>	 sorry I was late
[16:01:35] <Satdeep>	 So, we have no nomination as of now
[16:01:43] <Satdeep>	 and last date is 23rd right ?
[16:01:53] <Sailesh>	 Can we get the nomination list?
[16:01:54] <dbsr>	 As of now, there are no nominations recorded
[16:02:00] <Sailesh>	 Oh
[16:02:11] <Kasyap>	 Pavan nominated me
[16:02:30] <Kasyap>
[16:02:32] <Subas_>	 No one is interested, I think.
[16:02:48] <Sailesh>	 Yes I have seen your nomination.
[16:02:49] <Kasyap>	 I am inttersted
[16:03:15] <Sailesh>	 I will second it :)
[16:03:23] <Kasyap>	 as part of me any one is interested ?
[16:03:42] <dbsr>	 Hello Kasyap. I do see the nomination. I do not see it seconded yet
[16:03:42] <Kasyap>	 PLZ
[16:04:00] <Kasyap>	 ya l am looking for
[16:04:18] <Kasyap>	 Seconder
[16:04:38] <Subas_>	 Am I eligible to stand?
[16:05:28] <dbsr>	 Hello Subas. Elecom is not eligible
[16:05:34] <chinmayi>	 No Subash, not according to rules.
[16:05:54] <dbsr>	 Hello Kasyap. Please link back on the nominations page.
[16:06:31] <chinmayi>	 Yes anyone applying please link back so we are notified of it .
[16:06:40] <dbsr>	 @Ravishankar - are you online ?
[16:06:59] <Kasyap>	 Sure I will , Sailesh plz do needful :)
[16:07:20] <Ravidreams_>	 Yes
[16:07:44] <Sailesh>	 Kasyap , I have seconded you :)
[16:08:22] <Subas_>	 Sailesh, I think you have to second in the form.
[16:08:29] <dbsr>	 @Ravi - any way to check for nominations that are initiated but not linked on nominations page ?
[16:10:03] <Ravidreams_>	 I am tracking Recent Changes
[16:10:43] <dbsr>	 OK
[16:10:55] <Ravidreams_>	 No other nomination yet
[16:11:13] <Ravidreams_>	 I will link complete nominations
[16:12:07] <dbsr>	 Thanks. Appreciate that
[16:12:20] <Kasyap>	 done with linking
[16:14:32] <dbsr>	 OK.
[16:15:11] <Kasyap>	 what is next plan if we have few people were interested
[16:15:13] <dbsr>	 @Kasyap - Do you have any specific query
[16:15:33] <dbsr>	 We will wait for further nominations till the last date
[16:15:41] <dbsr>	 We have 2 positions open
[16:16:23] <Satdeep>	 Self-nomination is allowed ?
[16:16:24] <Kasyap>	 as of now no query
[16:18:08] <Kasyap>	 I believe we need to have at least one  , as many member never interacted with each other on common platform
[16:18:19] <dbsr>	 It is best to have another member propose the nomination. Rules indicate that proposer is different
[16:20:29] <Satdeep>	 okay
[16:22:48] <Subas_>	 Can a election committee member regisn and stand in the election ?
[16:23:29] <Kasyap>	 election committee member need to have long stand till elections !
[16:23:58] <Kasyap>	 I assume
[16:23:59] <dbsr>	 As long as member of wikimedia and fits other eligibility critieria
[16:24:20] <dbsr>	 If resigned from wikimedia as member, then not eligible
[16:26:42] <dbsr>	 Note that for this election, a member can propose/second max 2 candidates
[16:30:19] <dbsr>	 Any other questions ?
[16:32:35] <dbsr>	 Finalised candidates will have to mandatorily join the next IRC where members would be posting questions to them
[16:33:00] <Kasyap>	 if possible Please send once again email on Nominations dates
[16:33:34] <Kasyap>	 yes I will join
[16:34:01] <Sailesh>	 If Subas sir is interested for the post can't he apply for it?
[16:34:04] <dbsr>	 Sure. This can be done. All dates are marked in Elections 2015 page
[16:34:06] <dbsr>
[16:34:50] <Ravidreams_>	 Sailesh, Election Committee members can neither vote nor stand for the elections
[16:35:17] <Ravidreams_>	 I hope Subas was informed of this before accepting responsibility as an Election Committee member
[16:36:01] <Ravidreams_>	 I will make sure to remind the members when the final date for nomination nears
[16:36:32] <Ravidreams_>	 dbsr: What happens if number of eligible nominations do not exceed 2? Do they get auto-elected?
[16:37:25] <dbsr>	 We should still go through the election process. As a part of the readout, the number of votes against candidates is tallied to indicate the support
[16:37:39] <Ravidreams_>	 ok
[16:38:13] <dbsr>	 There is a potential to extend the date of nominations but it will not be mandated for current elections as there will still be an existing quorum of EC members
[16:38:23] <Ravidreams_>	 ok
[16:38:53] <dbsr>	 Going by past history, we can see more nominations close to the last date
[16:39:07] <Ravidreams_>	 Yes
[16:39:15] <Subas_>	 That is good.
[16:40:22] <dbsr>	 All, if you want to propose potential candidates, request you to please do so as soon as possible.
[16:41:18] <dbsr>	 Same if you are interested in being a candidate. Please get a proposer/seconder soon
[16:43:53] <dbsr>	 Anything to add from other Elecom ?
[16:45:34] <chinmayi>	 No not else to add right now
[16:45:42] <chinmayi>	 *nothing
[16:46:10] <dbsr>	 OK
[16:48:58] <Subas_>	 Anything else to be discussed?
[16:49:56] <dbsr>	 We have another 10 minutes for any late questions / late joinees
[16:50:58] <Kasyap>	 ok
[16:54:49] <Gyan>	 Sorry for joiing late and may be asking a already answered question as there are silent so just asking.
[16:55:00] <Gyan>	 Is there any eligibility or criteria ?
[16:55:41] <dbsr>	 Yes.
[16:56:03] <dbsr>	 All eligible members except Elecom
[16:56:30] <dbsr>	 Certain other exclusions documented in
[16:57:16] <Gyan>	 Thank you
[16:57:33] <Ravidreams_>	 Gyan: Please go through for today's chat history
[16:57:35] <Ravidreams_>
[16:58:03] <Gyan>	 Sure I was about to ask for the same.
[16:58:13] <Gyan>	 Thank You Ravi
[16:58:21] <dbsr>	 Thanks Ravi
[16:58:25] <Ravidreams_>	 Any question not answered can still be asked at
[16:58:49] <Subas_>	 Bye. all.
[16:59:02] <dbsr>	 Yes. TalkElections page is open all the time for questions.
[16:59:53] <Ravidreams_>	 As we are about to conclude this discussion, on behalf of WMIN, I would like to thank the members and Election Committee members for finding time on Sunday night
[17:00:32] <Ravidreams_>	 Today's chat log will be documented at,_2015
[17:00:58] <Subas_>	 Thank you.
[17:01:14] <dbsr>	 On behalf of Elecom, I would also like to thank everyone for their participation
[17:01:43] <dbsr>	 We can formally conclude the session today. Thanks Ravi