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Internet Relay Chats/March 25, 2015

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Wikimedia India

Date and Time
March 25, 2015, 9:00 pm

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect

odia Wikimedia Community chat with Wikimedians


  • Touching base with the community
  • Discussing history, context, current activities, proposed plans from odia Wikimedia Community


  1. ravidreams
  2. Sailesh
  3. Subhashish Panigrahi
  4. Bodhisattwa
  5. Subas Chandra Rout
  6. Gyan
  7. Netha Hussain
  8. Mrutyunjaya Kar

IRC session log.

[21:00] <subha> Hi Sailesh
[21:01] <Sailesh> hello all :)
[21:01] <ravidreams> Hello all
[21:01] <subha> Hi Niharika, are you a Wikipedian by any chance? :)
[21:01] <ravidreams> Let me go catch all Indian Wikimedians with a green light in FB :)
[21:02] <subha> ha ha
[21:02] <Sailesh> Where are other Odia Wikimedians?
[21:02] <subha> me too. :)
[21:02] <Niharika> Hi subha. I work for Wikimedia Foundation but I'm not an active editor. Does that comply with your definition of "Wikipedian"? :)
[21:02] <subha> Sailesh, you're the leader. I should be asking you.
[21:03] <subha> Niharika, yup. Anyone contributing to the movement is a Wikimedian. :) Nice to meet you here.
[21:03] <Sailesh> Subha bhai :3 (This smiley is the best answer)
[21:03] <subha> Hi Bodhisattwa
[21:03] <Niharika> Nice to meet you too subha!
[21:04] <Sailesh> hi bodhi
[21:04] <ravidreams> Bodhisattwa is the first FB wicket :)
[21:04] <ravidreams> Netha second :)
[21:04] <Niharika> Hey Netha.
[21:04] <subha> jkavadoor, hi
[21:04] <Netha> Hello, everyone!
[21:04] <subha> Pmlineditor
[21:04] <subha> Hi Netha
[21:04] <subha> Back?
[21:07] <Sailesh> ??
[21:07] <ravidreams> Thinking of starting at 9.10
[21:07] <subha> Hi tonythomas
[21:07] <subha> Wow, I'm meeting so many new people on IRC. :) Good job Ravi!
[21:08] <tonythomas> hello subha !
[21:09] <ravidreams> Thanks, Subha
[21:09] <ravidreams> Thn we are all set to start
[21:09] <subha> Everyone, please introduce yourself, your community and home wiki so we know each other.
[21:09] <Bodhisattwa> yeah
[21:09] <subha> subas__: Sir Namaskar
[21:10] <ravidreams> To give a quick intro, this is the second in series of community discussions. First chat with Punjabi happened two weeks before.,_2015
[21:10] <ravidreams> We hope to continue this to introduce ourselves across communities
[21:10] <subas__> namaskar
[21:10] <ravidreams> So, I leave it to the Odia Wikipedians to introduce themselves and also the projects
[21:11] <Bodhisattwa> Hi, I am Bodhisattwa from Bengali Wikipedia
[21:11] <subas__> I am Subas Chandra Rout from Odia Wikipedia.
[21:11] <ravidreams> I am Ravi from which wikipedia :) Confused Bangalorean :)
[21:12] <ravidreams> A word on how your first Odia Wikipedia will be great
[21:12] <ravidreams> how you first knew
[21:13] <ravidreams> Sailesh: ?
[21:13] <subha> My name is Subhashish. I am an Odia Wikipedian and I am with the Centre for Internet and Society's Access To Knowledge program.
[21:14] <Sailesh> Hello am the only jobeless person on Odia Wiki
[21:15] <Bodhisattwa> same here Sailesh
[21:15] <Bodhisattwa> :-)
[21:15] <subas__> Sailesh, I am also jobless.
[21:15] <ravidreams> Hello sailesh, you have assured to get back to your school exams after this chat :)
[21:16] <ravidreams> Seriously, how did you guys know about and started contributing to or wiki?
[21:16] <Sailesh> Yeah , Ravi yesterday i got scolding from my parents :P
[21:16] <ravidreams> search? Outreach?
[21:17] <subas__> let us talk about the subject of discussion.
[21:17] <subha> I was introduced to Odia Wikipedia by Asutosh Kar then in details by Shiju Alex. :)
[21:18] <subas__> I got myself introduced through facebook.
[21:18] <Bodhisattwa> I forgot
[21:18] <Bodhisattwa> :-)
[21:19] <Sailesh> I was reading an article about Indo-Pak war 1972 , and bymistake selected India's article then found there about Odia language Wiki and by god's grace the very next day there was Bhubaneswar Wiki workshop
[21:19] <ravidreams> wow
[21:19] <ravidreams> I see lot of interlinks in the outreach
[21:19] <Sailesh> and was introduced to wiki by Manoranjan bhai then subha bhai
[21:20] <ravidreams> Bodhisattwa: This chat will be focussed on Odia community. Feel free to seek clarifications from them and share best practices from Bangla community
[21:20] <Bodhisattwa> ok
[21:21] <Sailesh> Now am mainly focusing on outreach programs due to lack of knowledge in odia literature
[21:22] <ravidreams> subha: Trying to understand the project history by seeing
[21:22] <ravidreams> Looks like there were 1 or 2 editors around 2007
[21:22] <ravidreams> Are anyone from that time still there
[21:23] <subas__> Subha can better tell.
[21:23] <subha> I don't think so. :/
[21:23] <ravidreams> So the currently active set of editors are all from 2011
[21:23] <subha> We all started becoming active after 2011.
[21:24] <ravidreams> coinciding with the Bangalore meetups?
[21:24] <ravidreams> I think Shiju took an interest in Odia community then?
[21:24] <subas__> I started in 2012.
[21:24] <ravidreams> Gresat
[21:24] <subha> yup, Bangalore is where the community started meeting, then it was Cuttack. Wow. I feel nostalgic. :)
[21:24] <ravidreams> hah
[21:24] <ravidreams> a
[21:25] <subha> Shiju took interest from the very beginning before all of all. He still asks me questions and shares interesting ideas. :)
[21:25] <ravidreams> Both Punjabi and Odia's good experince with closely tied outreach makes me think how we can make outreaches in general more effective
[21:25] <ravidreams> We didn't have much luck with that in ta wiki
[21:25] <ravidreams> doing regular meetups in same place is rare for us
[21:26] <ravidreams> Shiju is undercover now :)
[21:26] <subha> true
[21:26] <subha> ha ha, only i get to meet him! B|
[21:26] <ravidreams> subha: You are a special agent :)
[21:26] <subas__> But why ?
[21:27] <Sailesh> Who's Shizu O.o
[21:27] <subha> ha ha
[21:27] <ravidreams> Shiju is taking an interest towards WikiSource
[21:27] <ravidreams> digitization of old Malayalam literature etc.,
[21:27] <ravidreams> It is natural for long active people to take break and retunr
[21:27] <ravidreams> Let's hope so
[21:28] <ravidreams> So, when the community got active in 2012, were there any focus areas?
[21:28] <ravidreams> Like content about Odisa, Odiya literature etc.,
[21:28] <ravidreams> Do you have a lot of content about few topics?
[21:28] <ravidreams> Like sports and movies
[21:28] <subha> Sailesh, Meet Shiju:
[21:29] <ravidreams> Who's Shizu O.o :)
[21:29] <ravidreams> Nice title :)
[21:29] <Sailesh> We have good content in medical science
[21:29] <Sailesh> jagannath culture
[21:29] <subas__> One should concentrate on one aspect, called focus. Shiju is doing that.
[21:30] <subha> subas__ sir has put a lot of efforts over all these years to contribute to medicine related articles on Odia Wikipedia.
[21:31] <subha> Articles related some of the places in Odisha are well covered.
[21:31] <subas__> I think we are doing a lot for Odia wikisource.
[21:32] <ravidreams> Good to know
[21:32] <subas__> Thanks Subha for the compliment.
[21:32] <ravidreams> Do you take an interest in global lists like 1000 articles every Wikipedia should have
[21:33] <ravidreams> Is there a popular demand for content? Users asking to create articles on some topics
[21:33] <ravidreams> Or search engine  trends you can assess through blogs ect.,
[21:33] <subha> All hail Mrutyunjaya Kar and Aditya Mahar for the articles related to places. Pritiranjan Tripathy has contributed quite a lot of articles related to notable people from Odisha.
[21:33] <ravidreams> subas__: Sir, we will come to Wikisource in second part of the discussion
[21:33] <subha> Ravi, yes. but it is customized :)
[21:34] <ravidreams> How?
[21:34] <ravidreams> I just checked randomly to see how place related articles are written
[21:35] <subha> most of the articles are related to Odia language, culture and Odisha
[21:35] <Sailesh> Ravi the problem is that the contributors in Odia wiki are limisted and they are focusing on their specific interests. :)
[21:35] <subha>
[21:36] <subas__> Mr Gorvachove induced me to medicine chapter and then eclipse. He wrote a lot of articles.
[21:37] <ravidreams> Sailesh: I am pretty much used to that scenario
[21:37] <ravidreams> We have almost 5000+ articles about world cricketrs
[21:37] <subha> He was a one-day batsman. :)
[21:37] <ravidreams> Just because of one Tamil Wikipedian called Punniyameen
[21:37] <subha> We have another one, Diptiman who starts and writes long articles with one single edit.
[21:37] <ravidreams> I am live logging this chat at,_2015
[21:37] <subha> (y)
[21:38] <subas__> Yes Subha, you are correct.
[21:38] <ravidreams> Do you have a category of main page articles or featured articles
[21:39] <Sailesh>
[21:39] <subas__> 5000 articles about different matches or about players?
[21:39] <ravidreams> Sailesh: Besides individual interest we do also focus on some vital global lists
[21:40] <ravidreams> different players
[21:40] <Sailesh> Ravi : Thats why Tamil Wiki is ranked 2
[21:40] <subha> ravidreams: here is the category:
[21:41] <ravidreams> Err, we won't accept rank 2 :)
[21:41] <subas__> We have main page article. We have not rated as featured article though I have translate many of them.
[21:42] <Sailesh> hahaha :D
[21:42] <ravidreams> That's OK. We also don't call them featured articles as  they need to be of high standards
[21:42] <ravidreams> we call them mainpage articles
[21:43] <subas__> I think 9PM is a bit late, Next time make it 8.30PM.
[21:43] <ravidreams> and also give medals
[21:43] <ravidreams> so people are encouraged to write more lengthy articles
[21:44] <ravidreams> subas__: Thanks for the feedback, Sir. Some of the officegoers might find 8.30 PM too early
[21:44] <ravidreams> let's try different timings and see what works
[21:44] <Sailesh> we are jobeless ;P
[21:45] <ravidreams> Going forward, do you have some planned content activity?
[21:45] <subha> ravidreams: you could probably share a few best practices about medals. Many new editors never respond to the messages on their Talk pages.
[21:46] <ravidreams> Do you have WikiLove enabled
[21:47] <subas__> 9PM chat will end after say one to 1 and half hour. It will be late. Wives will be angry.
[21:47] <ravidreams> Sir, please feel free to excuse :)
[21:47] <ravidreams> safety first :)
[21:47] <Sailesh> People are getting interested for wiki but we are facing difficulties to catch them
[21:47] <subha> ravidreams: yes, at times extra doses of Rasagola and Masala Mudhi as well. :p
[21:49] <ravidreams> Well, WikiLove just works for us and even experinced editors collect medals in one page
[21:49] <Sailesh> as sometime when i check recent changes there are many account openers but not a single edits from them
[21:49] <subha> but they haven't helped them to taste all of them and respond back. :/
[21:49] <subas__> Subha should b able to tell about planned content activity.
[21:49] <ravidreams> We don't face the new user not reponding problem after the mediawiki notifications were enabled
[21:49] <MKar> Hi all, sorry for late
[21:50] <ravidreams> Sailesh: New user accounts not editing is normal behaviour
[21:50] <ravidreams> People open accounts for various reasons
[21:50] <subha> Gyan, MKar asigale. :)
[21:50] <Sailesh> Ravi : if you can explain it well about media wiki notifications
[21:50] <Sailesh> Subha bhai :
[21:50] <Sailesh> Hari Bolo
[21:50] <ravidreams> Hi Mrutyunjaya
[21:50] <subha> :)
[21:50] <MKar> Hi
[21:51] <ravidreams> Check live log of current chat at
[21:51] <ravidreams>,_2015
[21:51] <MKar> any specific question for me ?
[21:52] <Gyan> Hi everyone. Sorry for the delayed arrival. Please ignore this message and continue.
[21:52] <Sailesh> why you were late :P
[21:53] <subha> Replying back to what subas__ sir asked, short term planned content activities have worked well
[21:53] <ravidreams> Hi Gyan
[21:53] <subas__> May I be excused for the time being.
[21:53] <subha> MKar: could tell about it and i will chip in
[21:53] <ravidreams> Like ?
[21:54] <subha> yes ravidreams
[21:54] <ravidreams> MKar: We were generally discussing about the project
[21:54] <ravidreams> No specific questions
[21:54] <ravidreams> Feel free to give a quick intro about you, how you came to know about odia wiki
[21:55] <MKar> I am user:MKar, homewiki: OdiaWP, other projects: HiWP, EnWP, Commons, Wikidata etc..
[21:56] <ravidreams> Sailesh: Those are the small FB like bubble you see next to your username
[21:56] <ravidreams> subha: A liberal dose of WikiLove among active editors themselves can help
[21:57] <subha> we do share a lot of wikilove, may be it could be increased for good. :)
[21:57] <ravidreams> Yes
[21:58] <ravidreams> MKar: Thanks, how did you know abt Odia Wiki. Sorry for the boringly formal qn. Just trying to understand how different communities spread
[21:58] <MKar> I came to know about Odia wiki while I was browing casually, and during the initial days Subha and Ansuman helped me to learn the Wiki culture, and now I am learning from all the users...
[21:58] <ravidreams> Since, we are running out of time, let me paste some quick links
[21:58] <ravidreams> - Any  tech help, please request here
[21:59] <Sailesh> i have not received a wiki love till date :3
[21:59] <subha> Sailesh, be prepared of your talk page being flooded now! :p
[22:00] <subha> we run an activity on Facebook where we publicly appreciate new and active Wikimedians with their contribution
[22:00] <ravidreams> subha: You left the kid without love. Sob Sob :)
[22:00] <ravidreams>
[22:00] <ravidreams> Odia community is featured here and also at
[22:01] <subha> MKar: could tell more about the activity as he actively does that.
[22:01] <subha> (y)
[22:01] <ravidreams>
[22:02] <subha> ravidreams: the kid got more real love and love in many other occasions. :)
[22:02] <ravidreams> Ya ofcourse :)
[22:02] <Sailesh> True that :)
[22:02] == Saqib [uid13941@wikivoyage/Saqib] has quit [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
[22:02] <subha> but he has done incredible job in the recent past and i'm requesting everyone to share more love on his wall. :)
[22:02] <ravidreams> Subas Sir interview here -
[22:03] <ravidreams> You can apply for small Infrastructure support at
[22:05] <ravidreams> I recently had a look at your Village pump and was happy to see many voting decisions
[22:05] <ravidreams> signs of a maturing community
[22:05] <ravidreams> Would you like to share any quick questions, updates from Odia community before we talk about WikiSource
[22:06] <Sailesh> Yeah we need some help for our upcoming event
[22:07] <ravidreams> ?
[22:08] <Sailesh> I want all indian communities to be a part of it
[22:08] <Sailesh> even i will discuss about this event with tourism minister of Odisha (now budget session is going on)
[22:09] <ravidreams> Sailesh, we all will see how to support in any way possible
[22:09] <ravidreams> can we take this off this chat and discuss separately
[22:11] <ravidreams> I have a quick project idea. Want to see if Odia Community is eager to launch it first in India :)
[22:12] <subha> please do share :)
[22:13] <Sailesh> yeah :)
[22:13] <ravidreams> I was checking
[22:13] <ravidreams> The tamil article for Puri
[22:13] <ravidreams> was so sad to see such a small article about this important place
[22:13] <ravidreams> I guess the situation will be same in many other Indian wikis
[22:13] <ravidreams> Problem is I don't know what are the most important topics about Odisha and Odia people, culture ect.,
[22:14] <ravidreams> we have global lists butnot regional lists
[22:14] <ravidreams> So, thinking some thing like
[22:14] <ravidreams>
[22:14] <ravidreams> What I need is a list of 30 most important topoics about Odia
[22:15] <ravidreams> and a list of 300 most important topics about Odia
[22:15] <ravidreams> This will be expanded list
[22:15] <Sailesh> yeah it is good :)
[22:15] <ravidreams> We can ask other language communities to write about thse
[22:15] <ravidreams> Kind of outreach for whole culture, community in multiple languages
[22:16] <ravidreams> 1 article a day. 30 articles a month.
[22:16] <ravidreams> other communties will work
[22:16] <ravidreams> you just need to give list :)
[22:16] <subha> this sounds like a good idea
[22:16] <ravidreams> Ofcourse, next month will be another language / state and you can participate :)
[22:16] <subha> #30OdiaWikiDays
[22:16] <Sailesh> cool
[22:16] <Sailesh> (y)
[22:16] <subha> little long but could be a hashtag and run for a month. :)
[22:17] <ravidreams> The communities that complete 300 list will get small prize :)
[22:17] <Gyan> Nice Idea
[22:17] <ravidreams> 300 list is for ever
[22:17] <ravidreams> 30 is the real immediate taregt
[22:17] <ravidreams> achievable small targts
[22:17] <Gyan> Nice videos Ravi
[22:17] <ravidreams> Gyan: Thanks
[22:18] <MKar> will be a very good Indic project
[22:18] <ravidreams> So, can I get the 30 list byApril 1?
[22:18] <ravidreams> I can assure at least one community will jump on this
[22:18] <ravidreams> Guess, which :)
[22:18] <subha> (y)
[22:18] <MKar> sure
[22:18] <subha> Punjabi? :p
[22:19] <ravidreams> Bingp
[22:19] <ravidreams> Bingo
[22:19] <subha> ha ha ha
[22:19] <ravidreams> You spoiled the surprise I had :(
[22:19] <ravidreams> This can be fun and encourage interwiki collaboration and exposure too
[22:19] <ravidreams> OK then ! Too happy this is getting shaped
[22:20] <ravidreams> can we move to other odia wiki projects
[22:20] <Sailesh> But i can assure Odia wiki will create articles with good content ;)
[22:20] <subha> ravidreams: sorry saar!
[22:20] <ravidreams> Plan anything when Sailesh and Satdeep are there :)
[22:20] <MKar> All active Indic Wikimedians know about Satdeep and his efforts :)
[22:21] <Sailesh> (y)
[22:21] <subha> (y)
[22:21] <ravidreams> MKar: Before you and Gyan came, all Odia Wikimdian names were starting with S :)
[22:21] <subha> i want to be of their age now. :D
[22:21] <subha> lol
[22:23] <ravidreams> How is Odia Wiktionary doing
[22:23] <Sailesh> the most succesful Wikimedia sister project in Odia
[22:23] <subha> So Sailesh has a plan for a Odia Wiki challenge. He might share about this before we move to the Wiktionary.
[22:24] <ravidreams> ok
[22:24] <MKar> not many active users at wiktionary :(
[22:24] <MKar> Shitikantha is managing Wiktionary
[22:24] <Sailesh> That i mentioned earlier
[22:25] <Sailesh> we are working on a project to increase Jagannath culture related article on every indic language wiki
[22:26] <Sailesh> even if Asian wikipedias will get involved in it , it will be great
[22:26] <ravidreams> yes, sailesh
[22:26] <ravidreams> go on
[22:26] <ravidreams> How many articles are thes
[22:26] <Sailesh> we will call for an IRC for this discussion
[22:26] <Sailesh> Ravi as you have explained me
[22:26] <Sailesh> during TTT
[22:26] <subha> and this is for the upcoming Nabakalebara which is going to be one of India's largest gathering and happening after 19 years.
[22:27] <Sailesh> it is believed more than 50lakh pilgrims will gather there
[22:28] <Sailesh> and i want both Odia and Bengali community to do it collaboratively :)
[22:28] <Sailesh> Thats all
[22:28] <Sailesh> need views and opinions
[22:28] <Sailesh> Ravi : I like the header in ta wiki. Whts that?
[22:29] <ravidreams> Sailesh: Yes, let's organize a separarte IRC for this
[22:29] <subha> Sailesh, one question at a time :D
[22:29] <ravidreams> and discuss thoroughly
[22:29] <ravidreams> is it ok
[22:29] <subha> I'm already sold when Sailesh proposed this first.
[22:30] <subha> Yes calls for another IRC
[22:30] <Sailesh> yeah :)
[22:30] <ravidreams> Cool
[22:30] <ravidreams> Sailesh: Those are banners featuring ta wiki women contributors
[22:30] <ravidreams> asking people to edit
[22:30] <ravidreams> on the occassion of women's history month
[22:31] <Sailesh> awesome
[22:33] <ravidreams> Thanks
[22:33] <ravidreams> Checking
[22:34] <ravidreams> Thinking how we can quickly increase activity
[22:34] <ravidreams> Do you have page like
[22:35] <ravidreams> This can be sort of gamification prompting people to quickly add new word
[22:35] <ravidreams> We created those during our early days and it helped
[22:37] <Sailesh> oh
[22:37] <Sailesh> great
[22:37] <Sailesh> admins please
[22:37] <Sailesh> look at that
[22:38] <subas> It is great idea.
[22:38] <subha> yes, taking account of this, looks really interesting
[22:39] <ravidreams> Btw, I see 30K words added in Odia wikt in last two months
[22:39] <ravidreams> Any interesting activity there?
[22:39] <subha> (help page of Odia Wikipedia) has some level of interactive features
[22:39] <subha> but we could learn a lot from this
[22:39] <MKar> yes, Shitikantha is using a bot to add words
[22:40] <subha> yes, that is a project by Shitikantha where he is using Purnachandra Bhasakosa (a public domain lexicon) for creating them
[22:41] <ravidreams> Nice
[22:41] <subas> I add new words that I come across while editing topics in Wikisource.
[22:45] <MKar> WikiSource will be more successfull than WP as it is easy to contribute
[22:46] <subha> Agree
[22:47] <subas> Yes. no need to translate, only see and write.
[22:47] <Sailesh> we require active contributors for digitization
[22:48] <ravidreams> Ya, that is a million doctor question
[22:49] <ravidreams> I am also recently focusing more on WikiSource
[22:49] <ravidreams> Trying to figure out various models for growth of each language
[22:50] <subha> am logging off. will look at the log later. :)
[22:51] <MKar> yes, we need more volunteers for all our projects
[22:51] <subha> It was good chatting with all of you. GN :)
[22:51] <MKar> good night :)
[22:51] <ravidreams> Ya, getting late
[22:51] <ravidreams> sorry
[22:51] <subas> I wish to develop medical articles in all indic languages. I am trying to figure out.
[22:51] <ravidreams> we will continue to discuss on other forums
[22:52] <MKar> sure
[22:53] <subas> Good night.
[22:53] <ravidreams> Good night
[22:53] <ravidreams> Thanks everyone for participating
[22:54] <MKar> thank you ravi for your tireless efforsts for Indic Wikiprojects
[22:54] <Sailesh> good n8
[22:55] <ravidreams> MKar: You are welcome :)
[22:55] <ravidreams> bye for today
[22:55] <MKar> bye