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Internet Relay Chats/July 30,2013

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India EC Elections 2013
* Elections 2013
* Announcement
* Nomination process
* Candidates (5)
* Connect: Candidate IRC, Q&A
* Results
* Archive: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Date and Time
July 30, 2013, 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

How to connect ?
IRC Channel at #wikimedia-in connect

EC Elections 2013: IRC with candidates

IRC with the Election candidates.

15+ attendees.

IRC session log.

[21:00] == Tinucherian [7ab2d1f0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:00] <Tinucherian> Hello Everyone !
[21:00] <niks> hello
[21:01] == Karthikndr [67116695@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:01] <Jayanta> Hello
[21:02] == yohannvt [73705fa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[21:03] <Tinucherian> Let us wait for a few minutes so that others can also join us
[21:03] <Karthikndr> hello Wikimedians :)
[21:03] <Karthikndr> hello Tinucherian and Jayanta
[21:03] <niks> hello kathik :)
[21:03] <niks> karthik
[21:03] <Tinucherian> Hello niks
[21:03] <Karthikndr> hello niks, but i'm not sure who's this!!
[21:04] <niks> nikhil kawale
[21:04] == AroundTheGlobe [3bb79728@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:04] <Karthikndr> thank you Nikhil :)
[21:04] == yohannvt [3d088cc2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:05] <Jayanta> Hello every one!
[21:06] == mokshjuneja [783eba30@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:07] <Karthikndr> hello mokshjuneja and yohannvt
[21:07] <mokshjuneja> hello Karthik
[21:07] <yohannvt> Hi Karthikndr & Jayanta
[21:07] <Karthikndr> Tinucherian, any idea if Arjuna and RK will be joining???
[21:08] <mokshjuneja> Hello everyone!!
[21:08] == Santosh [67157d36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:09] <Tinucherian> I just checked with Arjuna .. he is tied up with something...,might not be able to join
[21:09] <Santosh> hi
[21:09] == Santosh has changed nick to Guest80689
[21:10] <Karthikndr> Tinucherian: ahh ohk, I think we should start then..!!
[21:10] <Tinucherian> The primary intention of this IRC is to ask questions to the EC candidates
[21:10] == Rahmanuddin [7aac1376@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:10] <Tinucherian> Let us do a roll-call so that we identify ourselves
[21:11] <Karthikndr> Tinucherian: you can start
[21:11] <Karthikndr> and everyone shall continue
[21:11] <Tinucherian> I am Tinu Cherian, a former EC member and part of the 2013 Election Committee
[21:11] == Jayanta [704f2409@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[21:12] <Tinucherian> Over to others ..
[21:12] <yohannvt> Hi, I am Yohann Thomas
[21:12] <Karthikndr> hi, this is Karthik, currently serving as the Secretary at Wikimedia India
[21:12] <niks> hi i am nikhil kawale
[21:12] <Rahmanuddin> Hi, this is Rahmanuddin Shaik, SIG chair Telugu WMI Chapter
[21:12] <AroundTheGlobe> hi Im ATG, WMIN EC member
[21:13] <Tinucherian> Thank you, Yohann , Nikhil, Karthik ... welcome to the IRC
[21:13] <Tinucherian> Thank you AroundTheGlobe
[21:13] <mokshjuneja> Hi I am Moksh Juneja
[21:13] <Tinucherian> Hello Rahmanuddin , Moksh
[21:14] <Guest80689> hi i m samtosh
[21:14] <Karthikndr> hello Rahmanuddin
[21:14] == Jayanta [704f2409@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:14] <Rahmanuddin> Hi Tinucherian and Karthikndr
[21:15] <Tinucherian> Hello Santhosh, if possible can you change your id to yourname.. Will help people you may join later
[21:15] <Karthikndr> I think we have everyone here: 5 of them.. Jayanta, Moksh, Nikhil, Santosh and YOhann
[21:15] == Guest80689 [67157d36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[21:15] == gkjohn [559fed04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:15] == cherishsantosh [67157e36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:16] <Tinucherian> Thank you Santosh
[21:16] <Karthikndr> hello gkjohn, can you please introduce yourself here :)
[21:16] <gkjohn> Hello! This is Gautam John here.
[21:16] <Tinucherian> Hello Jayanta , gkjohn
[21:16] <AroundTheGlobe> @gkjohn hi gautam
[21:16] <Tinucherian> Looks like we have all the candidates on the IRC
[21:17] <Tinucherian> Please note that the IRC log will be recorded and posted to the lists
[21:18] <Tinucherian> gautam & others, would you like to start with questions ( if any) to the candidates
[21:18] == harshkothari [~harshkoth@wikimedia/Harsh4101991] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:18] == Jayanta [704f2409@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[21:19] <Karthikndr> Santosh and Yohann, would recommend if you can answer to all questions asked here:
[21:20] <Tinucherian> Agree with Karthik.
[21:20] <gkjohn> This is addressed to all candidates: How do you see the role of the Chapter over the next two years?
[21:20] <yohannvt> @Karthikndr it will get posted by tonight
[21:20] <Tinucherian> Thanks gkjohn.
[21:20] <Karthikndr> thanks yohannvt
[21:21] <cherishsantosh> @Karthikndr i will post tommorow
[21:22] <Karthikndr> thanks cherishsantosh
[21:22] <Tinucherian> Ok. I will then call upon the candidates one by one to answer the question from gkjohn
[21:22] <Karthikndr> gkjohn has asked: "How do you see the role of the Chapter over the next two years?"
[21:22] <Tinucherian> Will go in alphabetical order
[21:23] <Tinucherian> Jayanta seems to have some connectivity issues.
[21:23] == harshkothari [~harshkoth@wikimedia/Harsh4101991] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:23] <Tinucherian> May I call upon Moksh Juneja
[21:24] <mokshjuneja> @gkjohn and others! Few points on the idea is that Tinucherian guide and support the community to grow. we need to continue focus on Indian languages. We also need to address and involve more volunteers.
[21:25] == pradx [3bb8aa5a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:25] <mokshjuneja> We should also focus on improving the quality of current articles, where we should propose running small group wikiprojects
[21:27] <mokshjuneja> These Wikiprojects will help involve more, new volunteers.
[21:27] <Karthikndr> thank you mokshjuneja for the answer, Nikhil (niks), can you please answer as next!!
[21:27] <niks> as the implementation of zero wikipedia is one good move from the wikimedia foundation i see it as a service to people like u dial a number throw ur query n u ll get the info apart from this encouraging various domain people who expertise in their domain should contribute to provide quality content, small projects and expanding them at the large scale
[21:28] <Tinucherian> In the interest of time, I will move to next candidate.. Nikhil Kawale - niks
[21:28] <Tinucherian> Thanks Karthik
[21:29] <Tinucherian> Santosh ?
[21:30] <cherishsantosh> Right now chapter doing well, but its I think chapetr can contribute more and push to grow wikipedia (contain+project + technology+event + awareness). Actually we have to focus on rural area, If you leave metro cities, in rural area very few people know about wiki.
[21:31] <Tinucherian> Yohann Thomas - yohannvt ?
[21:31] <yohannvt> The chapter can play a major role in supporting many small projects like spoken wikipedia, also increasing the volunteer base is imp Increasing the no. of Wikimedia events is another imp point.
[21:32] <yohannvt> support of India languages as moksh said is also very imp
[21:32] == harshkothari [~harshkoth@wikimedia/Harsh4101991] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:33] <Tinucherian> Hello harshkothari
[21:33] <yohannvt> Main Aim is that India chapter should be self sufficient
[21:33] <yohannvt> but that is long term
[21:34] <gkjohn> Thanks much.
[21:34] <Tinucherian> Thanks all. We will ask Jayanta again once he returns.
[21:35] <Tinucherian> Next question? Anyone?
[21:35] <pradx> also looks like some of the questions placed here could also be answered - if you guys missed this - - besides questions raised here?
[21:35] == Abhijeet [3b5ed03d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:35] == RK_ [7c28f4c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:35] <Tinucherian> Hello pradx , Abhijeet
[21:36] <Tinucherian> RK_ = Radha Krishna ?
[21:36] <Abhijeet> Hello
[21:36] <Abhijeet> :)
[21:36] <RK_> yes tiny
[21:36] <Tinucherian> Hello RK_
[21:36] <RK_> yes tinu
[21:36] <pradx> Tinucherian: hi!
[21:36] == Abhinav [75c30a06@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:37] <Karthikndr> hello RK_, thanks for been here :)
[21:37] == harshkothari [~harshkoth@wikimedia/Harsh4101991] has quit [Write error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:37] == Abhinav has changed nick to Guest4649
[21:38] <RK_> I am on mobile. struggling to type
[21:38] <Tinucherian> Hello Abhinav / Guest4649
[21:38] <Guest4649> Hi Tinu
[21:39] <Karthikndr> RK_ its fine.. it was the same with me in the prev IRC
[21:39] <AroundTheGlobe> ok, we still need someone to ask the next question
[21:40] <Karthikndr> pradx, got any question??
[21:40] <Tinucherian> So if I may ask the candidates myself, what would be your first priority in "growing the chapter"?
[21:40] <Karthikndr> Rahmanuddin, any question??
[21:41] <Rahmanuddin> no
[21:41] <Tinucherian> Please go ahead with the answers. Need not wait for the call.
[21:41] <Karthikndr> I think one by one will be better
[21:41] <pradx> just typing one out
[21:42] <Tinucherian> The problem is it is difficult to identify on IRC whether somebody has completed or not.
[21:42] <Karthikndr> they should say that they are done..!
[21:42] <pradx> Given that we have a request for funds pending with FDC, I guess the Chapter needs people with some experience with Finance. Would members like to elaborate about their experience or background, if any, in finance?
[21:42] <pradx> I'm done :)
[21:43] <Karthikndr> thanks pradx!
[21:43] <Karthikndr> first, would request everyone to answer Tinu's question
[21:43] <Tinucherian> Thanks pradx
[21:43] <Karthikndr> would repeat pradx question then!
[21:44] <Tinucherian> Mokshjuneja , niks , cherishsantosh , yohannvt .
[21:44] <mokshjuneja> @tinucherian first thing to address is volunteer burnout. my experience with offline has been the participations has been decreasing in the offline meets if that is any indication in trying to inspire more online participation
[21:45] <mokshjuneja> That is how we will bring in more people to beomce volunteers, we need to look at tech, mgnt, schools
[21:45] <Tinucherian> niks , cherishsantosh , yohannvt ?
[21:46] == jayanta [0e63b355@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:46] <Tinucherian> Welcome back, Jayanta
[21:46] <jayanta> sorry to all
[21:46] <Tinucherian> We had 2 questions while you were away
[21:47] <Tinucherian> gkjohn has asked: "How do you see the role of the Chapter over the next two years?"
[21:47] <mokshjuneja> so basically to grow chapter we need to widen member base, reach out to more communities and get 12a/80g from govt
[21:47] <Tinucherian> And I had asked "what would be your first priority in "growing the chapter"?"
[21:47] <Guest4649> I have one question... many people knows about Wikimedia and Wikipedia, but there many people who don't know about chapter... So, how will you spread awareness about Wikimedia Chapter India??
[21:48] <Abhijeet> 80g would be great contribution
[21:48] <Karthikndr> Guest4649, let Tinu's and pradx questions be answered, and shall repeat your then :)
[21:48] <jayanta> 1st of all we need to increase our member within active wikipedian.
[21:48] <niks> using the social media to attract the people and launching new events , quality content on the wikipedia , increasing reach ,
[21:49] <Karthikndr> that was a matured answer mokshjuneja! thanks :)
[21:49] <Tinucherian> niks , cherishsantosh , yohannvt , Jayanta ?
[21:49] <jayanta> and need to work more ground work in small citied in India specially Eastern India..
[21:49] <Karthikndr> niks , cherishsantosh , yohannvt , Jayanta ??
[21:50] <niks> using the social media to attract the people and launching new events , quality content on the wikipedia , increasing reach
[21:50] <Tinucherian> cherishsantosh , yohannvt ?
[21:50] <cherishsantosh> 1) collection more funds for chapter 2) deside flow how to distribute or spend 3) awareness in rural area,colleges (student, faculty) wiki 4) More event for meking and training volunteer
[21:50] <niks> and important thing increasing innovation
[21:50] <AroundTheGlobe> niks you say social media but past experinces have not been too good with trying to involve social media on a large scale. what do you think was the problem and how can we now leverage it?
[21:51] <Karthikndr> niks: how do social media help the chapter grow??? The Wikimedia India Chapter is an organisation!!
[21:52] <niks> i m not awared with what happended in past with social media but at college level to encourage people we use to put up pages on facebook
[21:52] <jayanta> still we have zero awareness in Eastern India press, media, wiki user too...
[21:53] <Tinucherian> Looks like cherishsantosh may be facing some connectivity issues.
[21:53] <Tinucherian> Let me move to next question from pradx
[21:53] <Karthikndr> niks: sorry to ping you, but just wanted to repeat that WMIN is an organisation and not a college activity.. regarding college activity, I do understand that social media helps :)
[21:53] <Tinucherian> pradx had asked " Given that we have a request for funds pending with FDC, I guess the Chapter needs people with some experience with Finance. Would members like to elaborate about their experience or background, if any, in finance?"
[21:54] <yohannvt> i would like to ans tinu's Question
[21:54] <jayanta> so my main focus will be organised more workshop in small cities in India including Eastern!
[21:54] <Tinucherian> Jayanta , mokshjuneja , niks , cherishsantosh , yohannvt
[21:55] <Tinucherian> go ahead, yohannvt
[21:55] <yohannvt> I suggest we first attract students, cause they are a major contributor to the movement. Have major events in student centric cities like Delhi, Mumbai Hyderabad & Pune. Cause if they become a full time part of our chapter, for the next many years, they will be a valuable volunteer base.
[21:55] <Tinucherian> Thank you, yohannvt , jayanta
[21:56] <Tinucherian> in the interest of time, shall we move to the question from pradx
[21:56] <Tinucherian> ?
[21:56] <mokshjuneja> @pradx my experience as an entrepreneur, managing my company finances. At WCI, was helping to riase funds through sponsorships. Also helping manage bank account during WCI. Given this background, overcoming challenges and constant follow ups will help in closing the pending FDC issue
[21:56] == apple_ [~apple@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:56] == cherishsantosh [67157e36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[21:57] == apple_ [~apple@] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:57] <Tinucherian> Karthikndr said his internet connection is down .
[21:57] == Karthikndr [67116695@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[21:57] == cherishsantosh [~apple@] has joined #wikimedia-in
[21:58] <Tinucherian> Jayanta , niks , cherishsantosh , yohannvt
[21:58] <cherishsantosh> hello friends
[21:58] <cherishsantosh> what is question?
[21:58] <cherishsantosh> ?
[21:58] <Tinucherian> Hello santosh , welcome back
[21:59] <Tinucherian> cherishsantosh : pradx had asked " Given that we have a request for funds pending with FDC, I guess the Chapter needs people with some experience with Finance. Would members like to elaborate about their experience or background, if any, in finance?"
[22:01] <niks> handled the finance of 4-a-side football events organised by me and my friends apart from that managed money for college department committee apart from that handling money at virtual stock exchange at college level. thats it
[22:01] <Tinucherian> It is 10 PM, shall we extend it by 10 minutes ?
[22:01] <cherishsantosh> ok
[22:01] <jayanta> ok
[22:01] == jayanta1 [~jayanta@wikimedia/jayantanth] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:01] <mokshjuneja> @tinucherian ok
[22:01] <niks> ok
[22:01] <yohannvt> I am currently doing my MBA, so i will surely be able to contribute. Also, I have expereince in handling accounts for our college events.
[22:02] <Tinucherian> Others, please go ahead answering pradx 's Question.
[22:02] <niks> can u please re-write question
[22:03] <Tinucherian> niks : I didnt get you.
[22:03] <pradx> Given that we have a request for funds pending with FDC, I guess the Chapter needs people with some experience with Finance. Would members like to elaborate about their experience or background, if any, in finance?
[22:04] <jayanta> although I am not fron accouns background, I can do any kind of fund managements from my organization experience.
[22:04] <cherishsantosh> @ college we organized Pragyaa national level technical event, and i was finance coordinator, But I am not coming any finance background
[22:04] <cherishsantosh> I currently working in IIT Bombay as research assistant
[22:05] <niks> @Tinucherian i wrote it by mistake
[22:05] <Tinucherian> ok. niks. No problem
[22:05] <jayanta1> i have already grand making experience from FDC
[22:06] <cherishsantosh> for fund mang not not necessary people form finance background ....... I thought
[22:06] <Tinucherian> jayanta1 can you elaborate a bit on that?
[22:07] <yohannvt> agree with tinu,can you elaborate it
[22:07] <AroundTheGlobe> I think Jayanta1 means GAC
[22:08] <AroundTheGlobe> we havent applied for FDC yet
[22:09] <jayanta> sorry it was grants WMF
[22:09] <jayanta> for Kolkata book fair
[22:09] <pradx> cherishsantosh: yes, a background in finance is not a pre-requisite for fund management. Hence, I asked for previous experience if not background - either/or
[22:09] <cherishsantosh> @tinucherian I have one question
[22:10] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:10] <jayanta> here its links
[22:10] <Tinucherian> Please go ahead santosh
[22:10] == gkjohn [559fed04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:11] <Tinucherian> Thanks Jayanta
[22:11] <Tinucherian> Yes, cherishsantosh ..
[22:11] == RK__ [7c28f4c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:11] <cherishsantosh> @pradx we dont have any finance back most of prople do their job best
[22:12] <cherishsantosh> @tinucherian I have question about voterlist
[22:12] <pradx> cherishsantosh: thanks for answering!
[22:12] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:12] == RK_ [7c28f4c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:12] <Tinucherian> tell me, cherishsantosh ..
[22:13] <cherishsantosh> when it will be public?
[22:13] <AroundTheGlobe> cherishsantosh
[22:13] <AroundTheGlobe> I will answer that
[22:13] <AroundTheGlobe> it will not be published online
[22:13] <AroundTheGlobe> for reasons of privacy
[22:14] <niks> @karthikndr one thing forgot to tell u regarding social media's part in buisness.....just go with the detail of how KONY 2012 spread in the world.... i think that will explain my point for social media part
[22:14] <niks> :)
[22:15] <Tinucherian> Thanks AroundTheGlobe . Hope that answers your question for now, cherishsantosh
[22:15] <yohannvt> I support cherishsantosh, we are not asking for anyone's Mobile, phone no. or email. We only want to know how many voters, will be voting
[22:15] <AroundTheGlobe> we do not have permission from people to reveal their names
[22:15] <cherishsantosh> @aroundtheglobe but in rules and regulation .pdf
[22:15] <cherishsantosh> it mention
[22:15] <cherishsantosh> ember has not completed two consequtive terms on the EC.
[22:15] <cherishsantosh> 2. Nomination should have the name of the candidate proposed and seconded by a member each of
[22:15] <cherishsantosh> the Society. Nomination form should be complete in a
[22:16] <yohannvt> I agree with cherishsantosh
[22:16] <AroundTheGlobe> ?
[22:16] <cherishsantosh> sorry
[22:17] <Tinucherian> Thanks cherishsantosh , yohannvt for the concern. I will discuss this with the Election Committeee and the Chapter Executive Committee on this
[22:17] <Tinucherian> and get back as early as possible.
[22:17] <yohannvt> Pls try to do this as soon as possible
[22:17] <yohannvt> thnx Tinu
[22:17] <niks> ya i think the count of no of voter won't be a issue
[22:18] <niks> thanks for considering that :)
[22:18] <pradx> we're well past 10 o'clock. Can we close?
[22:18] <AroundTheGlobe> its 69 eligible members
[22:18] == Guest4649 [75c30a06@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:18] <Abhijeet> why we are not making the things transparent ?
[22:18] <AroundTheGlobe> Sowmyan mentioned that
[22:18] <Tinucherian> Thanks pradx , AroundTheGlobe
[22:18] <Abhijeet> is wikipedia another power structure ...?
[22:18] <pradx> thank all the candidates for taking the time out to answer questions..
[22:19] <AroundTheGlobe> cy@
[22:19] <niks> thanks sowmyan
[22:19] <Abhijeet> I had heard that it is not a power structure
[22:19] <Tinucherian> Let us wrap it for the day.
[22:19] == AroundTheGlobe [3bb79728@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:19] <yohannvt> thanks everyone
[22:19] == mokshjuneja [783eba30@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:19] == pradx [3bb8aa5a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:19] <cherishsantosh> can we call another IRC meetting
[22:19] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:19] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:19] <Tinucherian> On Behalf of the Election Committee, I would like to thank everyone who attened the IRC today
[22:19] <cherishsantosh> for basic question?
[22:20] == niks [73fc8b99@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:20] <yohannvt> @ tinu yeah we can call another meeting
[22:20] <cherishsantosh> @<Tinucherian>
[22:20] <cherishsantosh> can we call another meeting
[22:20] == mokshjuneja [783eba30@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>] has joined #wikimedia-in
[22:20] <yohannvt> to address such other issues
[22:21] <Tinucherian> Feel free to use to Chapter mailing list to discuss.
[22:21] == Abhijeet [3b5ed03d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:21] <yohannvt> thanks tinu
[22:21] == mokshjuneja [783eba30@gateway/web/freenode/ip.<masked>]
[22:21] <jayanta> thanks
[22:21] <cherishsantosh> meeting is best option
[22:21] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:21] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:22] <Tinucherian> The Election Committee wishes good luck to all the candidates for the elections
[22:22] <Tinucherian> Logs will be posted to the lists.
[22:22] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:22] <cherishsantosh> ?
[22:22] <Tinucherian> Thanks and Good night everyone.