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Grants/Tenth Anniversary of Malayalam Wikipedia -Wiki Vana-Vignana Yatra Event

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This Wikimedia India grant was funded in the fiscal year 2012-13. Please provide a report when the project has been completed. Use this sample report as a template
Grant contact name
Vinayaraj VR
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Event Co-ordinator
Project lead name
Vinayaraj VR
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Event Co-ordinator
Full project name
Tenth Anniversary of Malayalam Wikipedia -Wiki Vana-Vignana Yatra Event
Amount requested (in INR)
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown

Malayalam Wikipedia 10th Anniversary - Wiki Vana Vignana Yatra
Budget Estimate
Item Date Item Rate Qty. Amount Notes
1. Pre-event expenses
1.1 Press conference / Media 1000 1 1000 A press conference is planned to be conducted. However due to logistic constraints, this will take place immediately after the event, but prior to the formal anniversary program to be held tentatively on 22/12/2012 at Kannur, the District HQ.
1.2 Printing of display banners 300 2 600 Hand-sketched/ drawn on cloth. To be displayed at school and approach road.
1.3 Stickers 2 1000 2000 Stickers of Wikipedia globe logo with caption "Wikipedia" in Malayalam. To be distributed to participants and students. Any remaining stock will be used for future programs.
2. Wiki Vignana Yatra
2.1 8/12/2012
Transport 1200 1 1200 One or two Jeeps or similar vehicle accommodating 12 persons total. Itinerary will be traced and reported later."
2.2 Snacks & Beverages 30 12 360
2.3 Entry fees 20 12 240 For admission to the institutional landmarks
2.4 Food: Lunch 50 15 750 From any available local eatery.
3. Wikipedia introduction & training session
3.1 9/12/2012
Courtesy rent & facility charges to the school 500 1 500 Includes occupancy of the class rooms, meeting hall, PA system and LC Projector"
3.2 Wikipedia Workshop Session 30 60 1800 Expected participants: Teachers, students and locals of the tribal village + participants newly introduced to the Wikipedia culture (consists of subject matter experts and media reporters).
Expenses include a Writing pad, Pen/pencil and light snacks + tea & other common incidentals."
3.3 Wikipedia handloom bag for participants 70 60 4200 Handloom bags prepared by a local co-op handcrafts emporium made of khadi. The bags are environment-friendly, durable and highly reusable.
Bags will be imprinted with a Wikipedia logo and suitable slogan and caption in Malayalam. It is expected to kindle curiocity about Wikipedia culture on a long term scale among user circles.
Intended recipients: participating students and others."
3.4 Tips for Helping hands & labour 500 1 500 Consolidated lumpsum
4. User interaction and accommodation
4.1 8/12/2012
Evening / Night
Accommodation arrangement 20 25 500 The accommodation is arranged by the favour of the school administration. The visiting participants will be accommodated on a dormitory basis in the class rooms using desks and benches or mats and pillows. Necessary toilet facilities are available. Mosquitto coils / repellents & other incidental accessories may need to be provided."
4.2 Food:Dinner 30 25 750 Simple vegetable dinner will be arranged through local resources, prepared as a special arrangement. Costs will be payable by us.
5. Wiki Vana Yatra
5.1 09/12/2012
Breakfast 20 40 800 Arranged as above."
5.2 Transport to & fro the Forest area 400 3 1200 2 or 3 Jeeps with multiple trips.
5.3 Lunch 30 40 1200 Arranged as above.
Total Estimated expenses(Rs.) 17600

Project scope

The event is conducted as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations of Malayalam Wikipedia. Among a series of events of the celebration, this could be considered as a curtain raiser.

The tenth anniversary itself is an effective opportunity for considerable and massive outreach by way of news reports and features in mass media (print, audio and visual) as well as online channels. Apart from introducing a lot of common public to the concept of Wikipedia (both as readers and editors), it also rejuvenates the spirits and passion of the existing user base. The Malayalam community has shown excellent unity and togetherness during all such off-line programs held until now. They consider that the opportunity to meet and interact with each other during such occasions, is a sort of reward for the efforts they have put into Wikipedia projects.

This particular event is aimed at bringing together four diverse streams of people together. Existing Wikipedia editors, aspiring Wikipedia users, subject matter experts and media representatives. As organizers, my team (consisting of several active Wikipedians) will garner the infrastructural and logistic resources to accomplish the envisaged mission. We are devoting all possible times for this cause. We will also be participating throughout during these events.

program schedule

The event consists of four principal items:

1. Wiki Vignana Yatra (Wiki Knowledge expedition)

This is a half-day tour to several important landmarks amidst the deep forest terrains within the bounds of Kannur district, Kerala. The landmarks include:

  • an ancient (archeologically and historically important) temple,
  • a forest nursery-cum-farm (run by the state government to cultivate and preserve endangered species of tropical rain forests),
  • a tribal village (where communities of some of the earliest inhabitants of mainland India survives)


  • several other ecologically important hotspots.

The small team (consisting of approx. 12 people) will acquire as much information and photographs from these landmarks. They are expected to enrich themselves with fresh, original and authentic knowledge during this trip, which will be later added to the Wikipedia content.

2. Wikipedia Workshop

An introduction to Wikipedia and its user interface from the perspective of a new reader and aspiring editor. The attendees will consist of:

  • school children,
  • their teachers
  • educated local villagers
  • experts on biological and other subjects but not yet introduced to Wikipedia


  • media representatives not yet introduced to Wikipedia.

The workshop will be very informal and brief. However, it is intended to enthuse curiosity and passion onto the attendees.

3. Wiki Vana Yatra (Wiki Forest expedition)

While the previous trip was a fast tour of several places, this expedition is designed to be at a slow pace, focused within a small strip of dense jungle filled with undisturbed natural wild life. We have arranged special permission to access the area which is normally out of bounds for general public. The mode of movement is by walk.

Some of the participants of this expedition are specially invited subject matters who are experts on insects, reptiles and botany. During the walking tour, they will impart interesting and worthy information about the flora and fauna we encounter.

We have also included a few media representatives from regional press and TV. The cause and effectiveness of Wikipedia missions will be demonstrated to them by this experience. This is expected to reflect heavily on media outreach and news later.

4. Real life interactions with and among Wikipedians

The team will be spending an evening and staying over in a very humble local school run by the state government. They will occupy the class rooms as make-shift dormitories. Desks, benches and floor mats will be the only sleeping facility. Although the primitive facilities may look rude to many, this is the closest someone can live in harmony with bare nature.

During the evening of 8th December, the participants will spend their time interacting and exchanging different ideas about Wikipedia among each other. This 'Birds of the same Folk' experience will further boost their interest and dedication to Wikipedia projects.

Although highly limited in their resources, this school is already famous for their exceptional achievements. With the help of some very motivated teachers and talented students, they have set up unique and rare real world models of a post office, a TV news channel and a museum within the school. All these are functioning commendably well. The school has been in news and mass media on several occasions before.

Malayalam Wikipedia volunteers are very happy and thrilled to meet these wonderful people closely, spending some quality time and learn together!

Project goal

  1. Commemorate the tenth anniversary of creating Malayalam Wikipedia.
  2. Use the occasion as a vehicle for massive outreach through public events
  3. Introduce new readers, users and editors to Wikimedia projects
  4. Enrich Wikipedia content by learning from subject matter experts on the spot.
  5. Gather, acquire and upload rare photographs and media to the Wikimedia commons.
  6. Interact with the inmates of a school which is highly limited in resources and yet performing exceptionally well in modern technical tools of learning.
  7. Reinforce the belief and trust in Wikipedia among its chronic users.

Non-financial requirements

As the project is initiated by local Wikipedia volunteers, we do not require any assistance from the chapter in terms of manpower, thank you! However, one of the members from the chapter's executive committee has offered to assist us in providing the complete financial and other support from the chapter and physically participate throuhout the event; Thank you for that too.

Some of the money we may receive from the chapter is earmarked for Wikipedia promotional articles. This include a small carry bag (resembling a school student's bag) that is made by handloom by a local handicrafts co-op society. (The bag is 100% natural, environmental friendly, highly reusable, durable and recyclable). These bags are intended for the students of the school as a gift during the Wikipedia training session. The chapter is requested to consider this as a high value promotional article and approve that segment of budget.

Another item intended to be supplied is small stickers of 5cm x 5cm, printed with a Wikipedia logo and the word "Wikipedia" in Malayalam. We are printing this locally in large numbers and supplying them to any potential Wikipedia user. They can use this sticker on mobile phones, school stationary and other such materials. It is expected to arouse interest and curiosity among common public.

If any portions of the funds that may be allocated to us are unused, we also intend to use the same for producing such bags and stickers in more quantity. We request the chapter that this may be allowed automatically.

We also request any official permission that may be required to use the logo and trade name for the above purpose without any commercial or competitive intentions.

Other benefits

Please see the Project Scope above.

Measures of success

  1. Number and quality of participants in the events.
  2. Reflections and waves of the event in mass media reports and other channels of outreach
  3. Enhanced number of active users (both readers and editors)
  4. More uploads and content addition to Wikimedia repositories
  5. Reflections from the participants by way of blog posts and other social networks
  6. Added participation in the succeeding events of tenth anniversary celebrations of Malayalam Wikipedia.

Team members (optional)

  1. Vinayaraj
  2. Rajesh Odayanchal
  3. Vaisakh Kalloor
  4. Viswaprabha
  5. Sugeesh
  6. Manjusha OV
  7. Fuadaj
  8. Gireesh Master
  9. Abhishek Jacob
  10. Shaji PP

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