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[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]

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Fagu Baskey.jpg
Fagu Baskey
Fagu Baskey is a Wikimedian who edits on Santhali Wikipedia. Fagu is a school teacher in a village school near Baripada in the Mayurbhaj district in the state of Odisha. He is one of the few editors who worked on the incubator to make Santhali Wikipedia live. He got to know about Wikipedia from his friend User: R Ashwani Banjan Murmu and has since then been contributing to the free-knowledge movement. Rarely having any access to a laptop, Fagu used to edit on his mobile device until he received a laptop under Project Tiger.

Fagu's major edits are on Santali literature and he endeavours to document much of Santhali heritage. Fagu believes by contributing to Wikipedia he is serving the mission of increasing awareness for his language over the internet. Fagu's major contribution has been towards Wikipedia however he wishes to work on other projects like Wikimedia Commons, however limited Internet bandwidth in his village has been restricting him.