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[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]

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Agastya Chandrakant
Agastya Chandrakant from Surat, Gujarat is an editor on English Wikinews under alias of Acagastya, currently studying in The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.

He is 19-years-old and has been editing Wikimedia Projects since 2014, from his days in high school. He has more than 8,000 global edits and also holds the review rights on Wikinews. On Wikinews, every article has to pass the review before it is published. Agastya has written more than 200 news articles on Wikinews. He is amongst the very few Indian editors on Wikinews.

Calligraphy, reading, and photography are some of his hobbies, however, after academic commitments whatever time he gets for himself now, he devotes it to Wikinews.

Agastya believes there are lot of things happening around us in various fields -- from crime and law to science and technology. Some events affect a certain group of people. Some affects other groups. As a news reporter his tries to cover news for everyone, ranging from different subjects.

Agastya hopes more Indian community members to contribute quality photos from the events around the country on Wikimedia projects, and hopes they, as an Indian, make decisions and act so that secularism, freedom, and humanity can co-exist.