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{{:Template:Featured Wikimedian/2016/April}}
{{:Template:Featured Wikimedian/2016/May}}
[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]
[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]

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Maithili Wikimedian Tulsi Bhagat.jpg
Tulsi Bhagat
Tulsi Bhagat is a 15 year old Maithili and Nepali Wikimedian hailing from Rajbiraj, Nepal. Having started contributing to Wikipedia in 2014 due to an outreach program conducted by Biplab Anand & Bijay Chaurasia, Bhagat is now the youngest and most prolific Wikimedian from Nepal with over 34,000 edits spread across many projects. He serves as an administrator in the Maithili and Nepali Wikipedias. Bhagat says he loves contributing to his mother tongue Maithili where he has authored more than 500 articles. In addition to this, he is a keen vandalism fighter.