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(featured wikimedian for January - Krishna Chaitanya Velaga)
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{{:Template:Featured Wikimedian/2016/October}}
{{:Template:Featured Wikimedian/2017/January}}
[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]
[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]

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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga.jpg
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga of Andhra Pradesh is a 19 year old English Wikimedian editing since December 2014. Being an NCC cadet and a defence aspirant, Chaitanya is predominantly interested in military affairs and started editing when he found a factual error in an article and referred to Youtube on how to fix it. Described by fellow wikimedian and military editor Srikar Kashyap as the leading defence article writer from India, Chaitanya has 4 Featured and A-class lists (FLs) and five Good Articles (GAs). His major works include Sam Manekshaw, K.M Cariappa and INS Vikrant. Chaitanya is the founder of the Indian military history work group and has won the coveted Military History Newcomer of the Year title for 2016. In addition, Chaitanya is a keen vandalism fighter and regularly reviews Good Article (GA) nominations.