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(Long term objectives)
(Post featuring work)
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*Document stories of encouragement of Wikimedians and publish them on the Blog.
*Document stories of encouragement of Wikimedians and publish them on the Blog.
*If possible, document a video interview with the Featured Wikimedian.
*If possible, document a video interview with the Featured Wikimedian.
*Give the Featured Wikimedian a Wikimedia T-Shirt. ''(in-principle)''
==Short term objectives==
==Short term objectives==

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Comment This is an official policy page for Wikimedia Chapter (India) to select the Featured Wikimedian of the Month, please don't make any significant changes without prior discussion on the talk page, and approval from the Executive Committee.


The primary idea behind this initiative is many editors who are extensively contributing online to various Wikimedia projects, have rarely interacted with the community, and featuring them will help us to fill that gap.

Featured Wikimedian is an official recognistion of Indian Wikimedians for their excellence in their respective projects. It also attempts to document the hardship stories which continue to motivate other editors. Featured Wikimedian has and can continue to play an important role in the community building. It is a platform for our community members to learn about and learn from fellow community members who they might not directly interact with. It serves as a great motivator by recognizing contributions. It conveys the momentum that is there in our community.

Workflow and dates concerned

Month 2 is the month for Featuring the Wikimedian. Month 1 is prior month of Month 2, and Month 0 to that of Month 1.
For example: If a Wikimedian is to be selected for May, then May is treated as Month 2, April as Month 1, and March as Month 0.
S.No Action Last date
1 Community notification 25th of Month 0
2 Nominations acceptance 10th of Month 1
3 Nominations scrutiny by the designated member-in-charge 16th of Month 1
4 Proposing best of the three nominations to the Executive Committee 18th of Month 1
5 Decision by the the Executive Committee 23th of Month 1
6 Reaching out to the selected Wikimedian 26th of Month 1
7 Profile of the Wikimedian to be updated 30th of Month 1
8 Featured Wikimedian of the Month published and communities notified 1st of Month 2

Monthly notification

Certain months served for certain languages and project. Nominations for the respective month shall be accepted from those communities only. This step has been taken to avoid domination by larger communities, and also give a place for smaller/emerging communities to showcase their best contributors.
S.No Month Projects for the Month Pages to be notified
1 January Wikipedia (en, )
2 February Wikitionary()
3 March Wikipedia()
4 April Wikisource()
5 May Wikipedia()
6 June Wikidata()
Wikimedia Commons()
7 July Wikipedia()
8 August Wikitionary()
9 September Wikipedia()
10 October Wikisource()
11 November Wikipedia()
Wikivoyage (en)
12 December Wikidata()
Wikimedia Commons()


  • Selection of the Wikimedian largely depends on the contributions to the Wikimedia projects.
  • The final decision regarding selection of the Wikimedian to be featured from the eligible nominations vests with the the Chapter's Executive Committee only.

Post featuring work

  • Notify the community of the Featured Wikimedia through all possible channels.
  • Document stories of encouragement of Wikimedians and publish them on the Blog.
  • If possible, document a video interview with the Featured Wikimedian.
  • Give the Featured Wikimedian a Wikimedia T-Shirt. (in-principle)

Short term objectives

  • Let the community learn about interesting stories of Wikimedians.
  • Recognize the contributions of Wikimedians and encourage them to contribute more.
  • Bridging the gap between various communities and the Chapter.

Long term objectives

  • Help other countries to do a similar activity; Global South with SAARC as focus.
  • Learning amongst different language communities.
  • Float community consensus regarding the "Selection framework" annually for 15 days. This would help in fresh ideally flaoting and the excersise will keep driving enthusiam.