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You may follow the format below to nominate.
You may follow the format below to nominate.
==Vinod Tiwari==
* [ Vinod Tiwari]
* He has contributed many articles to various Wikipedia projects and is active contributor to many open source projects.
== [[:commons:User:Gangulybiswarup|Biswarup Ganguly]] ==
* Uploaded more than 25,000 files in Commons -- [[User:Bodhisattwa|Bodhisattwa]] 11:39, 29 April 2015 (IST)
== Sitikantha Das ==
His devotion to Wikipedia is unique. He has contributed more than one lac article to Odia Wikitionary only besides Wikipedia where his sl. no. is 4 among all contributors. He is the fittest person to be nominated in featured category. --[[User:Subas Chandra Rout|Subas Chandra Rout]] 07:32, 8 April 2016 (IST)
==[ Kartik Mistry] on Gujarati Wikipedia==
[[File:Kartik Mistry at DevCamp.JPG|thumb|Kartik Mistry at DevCamp]]
Kartik Mistry is the most prolific Wikipedian on Gujarari Wikipedia in recent times. He has 10000+ edits on Gujarati Wikipedia, 1000 on English Wikipedia, 5000+ on Wikidata. He has uploaded 100 pics on Commons. He is member of Language Team of Wikimedia Foundation. He was instrumental in creating Language Input Tool which made editing in vernacular languages easier. He is currently working with Language Team which brought very useful Content Translation Tool in recent times. Content Translation Tool is used to translate more than 80000 articles in span of 1.5 years. I nominate him for Featured Wikimedian. Gujarati Wikipedia community has supported him [ Here]. Regards, --[[User:Nizilshah|Nizil Shah]] 00:27, 17 May 2016 (IST)
== Yercaudu Elango ==
In two years ago, we introduced him the commons.  Since then, he has uploaded  8,376 photos of rare plants in commons with details. He promotes science via his free ebooks in tamil and in printed books. He deserves to be noticed for his continuous contributions for commons.
Few links
--[[User:Tshrinivasan]] 13.56, 06 Jan 2017 (IST)
A Geophysicist by profession, Balaji has been editing since February 2011. He has done about 250k global edits, and 196k of which are on Wikidata. He is an admin on Tamil Wikisource, and is the only editor on project to have sysop rights. He was selected as participant for WCI 2016, TTT and MWT 2017. I am glad to propose him. Here is his [ Meta user page]. [[User:Krishna Chaitanya Velaga|Krishna Chaitanya Velaga]] ([[User talk:Krishna Chaitanya Velaga|talk]]) 15:24, 26 February 2017 (IST)
[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]
[[Category:Featured Wikimedian]]

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Please nominate Wikimedians contributing to Indian language projects here. We would like to feature as many Wikimedians from all the languages and regions. Once we get nominations and no reasonable objections for them, we will proceed to contact the Wikimedians and get the content for Featured Wikimedian section in home page. This effort is intended to recognize existing editors and thereby motivating more such editors to enrol. So, in that spirit, lengthy discussions on how exactly one becomes qualified to become a featured Wikimedian can be avoided :) If some one has more than 6 months of continuous activity with 1000+ edits and has been noted by his or her peers, that is a good benchmark to recognize him or her.

You may follow the format below to nominate.