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Pankaj Mala Sarangi.jpg
Pankajmala Sarangi
Pankajmala Sarangi of New Delhi has been an active contributor to the Odia Wikisource since mid-2014. Pankajmala started with the book Chha Mana Atha Guntha and has later expanded to various other books. Her best works at the Odia Wikisource include Odia Bhagabata, Odisha Itihasa. Described by her fellow Wikimedian Sailesh Patnaik as "an asset to the Wikimedia Community", she cites the younger volunteers as her inspiration to contribute more. Besides Odia Wikisource, she has also uploaded various images to Wikimedia Commons. Pankaj Mala says she feels proud to contribute to the growth of her mother tongue Odia by contributing to Wikimedia Projects and hopes that everyone on the internet gets to know of their culture and language.
Punjabi Wikimedian Baljeet Dhaliwal (1).jpg
Baljeet Dhaliwal
Baljeet Dhaliwal is a Punjabi Wikimedian currently studying in the ninth grade. Inspired by Charan Gill, father of another Wikimedian Satdeep Gill, Baljeet began editing in mid June 2015 and is now one of the youngest and most active editors of Punjabi Wikipedia. He mostly edits articles related to computers and has created the articles of almost all the basic components of computer in the Punjabi Wikipedia. A source of inspiration for his fellow Wikimedians , he is often described as a quick learner.Baljeet was one of the most prolific contributors at the Wikipedia Asian Month drive with 42 articles and was honored as a Wikipedia Asian Ambassador. Baljeet says he feels proud to see his mother tongue grow on the internet and vows to contribute more for its growth.
576px-Arnab Dutta - Kolkata 2011-01-15 0291.JPG
Arnab Dutta
Arnab Dutta is one of the most profilic and energetic Bengali Wikimedians from India. He has been editing since April 2008 and has over 34,000 edits till date. He has created more than 1400 articles on a wide range of subjects including Hinduism, Buddhism and West Bengal. Arnab says his first article, a Bengali literature piece was copied from his class notes but later went on to become a Featured Article. Arnab was selected as one of the noteworthy contributors at the Wiki Conference India 2011 and was also honored as part of the Wikipedia 10 celebrations. Arnab urges budding Wikipedians to stop chasing fame as sincerity and hard work will automatically make one famous and respected.
Maithili Wikimedian Tulsi Bhagat.jpg
Tulsi Bhagat
Tulsi Bhagat is a 15 year old Maithili and Nepali Wikimedian hailing from Rajbiraj, Nepal. Having started contributing to Wikipedia in 2014 due to an outreach program conducted by Biplab Anand & Bijay Chaurasia, Bhagat is now the youngest and most prolific Wikimedian from Nepal with over 34,000 edits spread across many projects. He serves as an administrator in the Maithili and Nepali Wikipedias. Bhagat says he loves contributing to his mother tongue Maithili where he has authored more than 500 articles. In addition to this, he is a keen vandalism fighter.
Kartik Mistry at DevCamp.JPG
Kartik Mistry
Kartik Mistry is the most prolific Wikipedian on Gujarari Wikipedia in recent times. He has 10,000+ edits on Gujarati Wikipedia, 1,000 on English Wikipedia, 5,000+ on Wikidata. He has uploaded 100 pics on Commons. He is member of Language Team of Wikimedia Foundation. As told by his fellow community member Nizil shah, Kartik was highly instrumental in creating Language Input Tool which made editing in vernacular languages easier. Kartik is now currently working with Language Team which has created a very useful Content Translation Tool. This tool is one of the most useful tools ever created in recent times. This Content Translation Tool was used to translate more than 80,000 articles in a span of 1.5 years.