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==={{{Secretary|RadhaKrishna Arvapally}}}===
| image      =Arkrishna.jpg
| head        = RadhaKrishna Arvapally
| title      = {{{Secretary|Secretary Sept 2014 - }}}
| username    = Arkrishna
| description = {{{OED-desc|'''RadhaKrishna''' is a software professional, living in Bangalore. He started contributing to Telugu/English WikiMedia Projects from 2006. He is former Wikimedia Bangalore SIG chair. He was co-opted to the Wikimedia India Executive Committee in September 2014 , and currently serves as '''Secretary'''.
* '''Wikimedia username:''' [[User:Arkrishna|Arkrishna]]
* '''Email:''' Arkrishna{{@|12px}}
* [ Wikimedia Profile page]
* [ Linkedin]
* [ Facebook]
* [ Google+]}}}
==={{{Treasurer|Viswa Prabha}}}===
| image      =Viswa Prabha-4391.jpg
| head        = Viswa Prabha
| title      = {{{Treasurer|Treasurer Sept 2014 }}}
| username    =
| description = {{{OED-desc|Viswanathan Prabhakaran is an engineer, project manager and technology consultant by profession. After acquiring his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Government Engineering college, Thrissur in 1986, he initiated his career in computer industry. Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology, he has aligned his career path with industrial and business automation, communications, laboratory science etc. finally culminating into advanced biomedical engineering.
He has traveled extensively both within and outside India and has lived and worked with a vast mixture of cultures and communities. He is elected to Wikimedia India EC in September 2012. He currently serves the Executive Committee as the '''Treasurer'''
At present, he is living in his hometown in Thrissur, Kerala, occasionally traveling,  spending most of his time voluntarily for social causes and the Wikipedia movement. He is one of the earliest Wikipedians among Indian language communities.
*E-Mail: viswaprabha [at]
*Wikipedia+: User: ViswaPrabha }}}
==={{{Member|Karthik Nadar}}}===
| image      =Karthik.png
| head        = Karthik Nadar
| title      = {{{Member|Member Oct 2012 - Sept 2014 }}}
| username    = Karthikndr
| description = {{{OED-desc|Karthik Nadar is a final year B.Com student from Mumbai, specializing in Banking, financing, accounting and insurance. He started his contributions to English Wikipedia in mid 2010 and became very active from the following year. In English Wikipedia, Karthik has more than 18K edits and so far has contributed for 10 Good articles. Started working on Indian film related articles, he later on ventured on into political, India and Mumbai related articles. Karthik is autoreviewer, rollbacker and filemover on the English Wikipedia. He also serves as coordinator for WikiProject Mumbai. Karthik is also active on Wikimedia Commons, where he has uploaded hundreds of images and has an edit count of 1,250. He has fixed some small templates and layout issues on Tamil Wikipedia and contributed few articles in Hindi Wikipedia.
In 2011, he was featured on [ Wikimedia Fundraising banners]. Subsequently he became active in Wikipedia Mumbai community  and contributed  towards organizing second Photo-thon in Mumbai and few other events. He volunteered to be part of core team for organising "Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in India" and  played a key role along with Naveen Francis in making it a success.
He is elected to the Executive Committee during September 2012 and serves as the '''Secretary''' up to August 2014.
Apart from his contributions to Wikimedia Movement, he is an aspiring photo journalist and a passionate drummer.
*Wikimedia username: Karthikndr
*Email: Karthikndr{{@|12px}}
*Twitter: [ @Karthikndr]
*Facebook: []
==={{{Member|Nikita Belavate}}}===
| image      =Nikita Belavate.JPG
| head        =Nikita Belavate
| title      = {{{Member|Member 2012 Oct -2014 Sept}}}
| username    =
| description = {{{OED-desc|Nikita Belavate is an active wikipedian and contributes to the English Wikipedia. She is the first ever elected female Executive Committee Member of the Wikimedia India chapter. She attended 'Wiki-Conference India' held in Nov 2011 and was inspired by the event to start contributing to English Wikipedian since December 2011.
She is active in Mumbai outreach programs and has helped conduct meetups and photo-walks in Mumbai. Her outreach interests include encouraging and improving women participation in Wikipedia and GLAM projects.
Her other professional interests include Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.
*Wikimedia: [[User:Nikita|Nikita]]
*Twitter: [ @Nikiflyhi]
*Linkedin: [ Nikita Belavate] }}}
==={{{Member|Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju}}}===
==={{{Member|Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju}}}===

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Jayanta Nath

Flickr - Wikimedia Israel - Wikimania 2011 - Beach party (92).jpg

Jayanta Nath
President Sept 2014 -

Jayanta Nath is a Civil Engineering professional based in Kolkata. He started his contributions to Wikimedia / Wikimedia in 2006 as an anonymous editor and registered his username in 2007. Active contributor and Administrator in Bengali Wikimedia projects. Actively involved in Wikipedia activities based out of Kolkata. He have been active in running Kolkata meetups every month for wikipedians along with a core team of wikipedians. His interest is in organising Wikipedian efforts and in outreach. There is a whole lot of outreach work to be done for Indian language wikipedias. In other hand he co-activist of Foss movement in West Bengal through Free Software Foundation and Free Software Foundation of India and West Bengal Free Software Mancha.

He was elected to the Wikimedia India Executive Committee in September 2012 , and currently serves as President.

Email: jayanta at
Wikimedia: User:jayantanth

Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju

B. Ekbal.jpg

Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju
Member 2014 Sept-

Dr. Ekbal Bappukkunju is an eminent figure from Kerala. Emerged from a long medical and academic career as an acclaimed neurosurgeon, he has been the Vice Chancellor of Kerala University, A member of the State Planning Board, Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishath and several other distinguished positions at various points of time. He has been one of the spearheading activists particularly in Kerala and in India at large, in pursuit of free software, open knowledge and Internet freedom. His page on the Wikipedia will shed more light on his personal profile.

  • Email: ekbalb[at]wikimedia[dot]in
  • Wikimedia: Ekbalb

Nikhil Kawale

Nikhil Kawale.jpg

Nikhil Kawale
Member 2014 Sept-

Nikhil Kawale is a young and aspiring student. At present, he is pursuing his higher studies in Bangalore. A prominent representative of the student Wikimedia community from Pune, he was one of the candidates to the EC elections in last year.

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