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# [[User:Mananshah15|Manan Shah]]
# [[User:Mananshah15|Manan Shah]]
# [[User:Prad2609|Pradeep Mohandas]]
# [[User:Prad2609|Pradeep Mohandas]]
# [[User:Vincentvikram|Vikram Vincent]]
# [[User:Vincentvikram|Vikram Vincent]]
# [[User:Bishdatta|Bishakha Datta]]

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Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools, are visiting India this February to conduct workshops across India, in association with Wikimedia India. They are holding one such workshop in Mumbai on 17 February 2013 at IIT Bombay (Powai).


Time Agenda Speaker/s Notes
9.00am Opening address and welcome
9.30am Introduction to Creative Commons licensing Jessica Coates; Global Network Manager for Creative Commons This session will introduce the licences, and how they operate practically for publishing and sharing online
10.30am Tea and coffee break
11.00am Openness around the world: How Creative Commons is used across industry, across boarders. Jane Hornibrook, Regional Coordinator Asia Pacific for Creative Commons. A variety of case studies about why educators, governments, academics, artists and institutions are going open.
12.00pm Session from the organizers Shishir Jha & Pradeep Mohandas
1.00pm Lunch break (attendees use the canteen facilities on campus)
2.00pm Interest group discussions Facilitators: Organizers are each assigned to a break-out group This session is for break-out discussions on topics of interest such as open source software, content creation, education, science, art and culture.
3.00pm Discussion reports and wrap-up Break out groups have an opportunity to share discussion points and issues from previous session. Any resolutions or actions drawn up Closing remarks
3.45pm Close

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  1. Deepak Malani, Research, IIT Bombay
  2. Manan Shah
  3. Pradeep Mohandas
  4. Vikram Vincent
  5. Bishakha Datta