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Elections 2016

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The elections to Wikimedia India Chapter for year 2016 will be held on April 23rd 2017 along with Annual General Meeting for year 2016. Members of the Wikimedia India have the opportunity to elect Seven candidates to a two-year term which will expire in 2018. Voters eligible are those who are members as on 3 months before 23-April-2017 i.e. 23-Jan-2017.

Election Committee

  • Mr. Yogesh KS : Returning Officer
  • Mr. Kishore Annam Thyagaraja : Polling Officer
  • Dr. Abhijeet Safai : Polling Officer

Nomination Process

Please see: Elections 2016/Nominations

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Timeline for nominations and selection

The following are key dates in the election process and current status:

Date Event Notes Status
10-March-2017 Election announcement See Elections 2016/Announcement Completed
11-March-2017 Final vetting of voters list by WMIN EC. Please see 2016 Voters list.
203 eligible voters across India from 18 states/UTs
and 65 cities/towns/districts.
(9:00PM - 10:30PM)
First IRC. For potential candidates and voters to clarify election rules
and procedures with Election Committee and current EC.
24-March-2017 Final date for nominations . Nominations close at 23:59 IST.
22 candidate nominations received. (11% of membership)
25-March-2017 Verification and approval of candidates. 20 candidate nominations accepted after scrutiny.
Details here. Announced on 29-March-2017.
1-April-2017 Final date for withdrawal. Nomination withdrawals close at 23:59 IST
Any candidate withdrawing candidature may express
the same on Talk:Elections 2016/Nominations and wikisign
before due date.
2-April-2017 Declaration of final list of candidates. We have have 18 candidates in the Final Slate. 2 Candidates have withdrawn
See Profiles at a Glance
3-April-2017 Election Committee sends out ballot papers. postal ballots and election+AGM invite for xxx members
dispatched at xx.xx xx-xxx-2017
(9:00PM - 10:30PM)
Second IRC
Q &A With Candidates
Q&A session with EC Election Candidates.
Candidates can respond to already added questions.
23-April-2017 Elections and AGM. Location: Wikimedia Chapter, No.194, 2nd 'C' Cross, Dommaluru 2nd stage, Bangalore 560071, India



Ask your queries

Please Talk:Elections 2016 for updates on the Election process.