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As part of the 2014 Wikimedia India Chapter EC Election process this is the page for discussion with EC Election Candidates.

Read the questions already asked, before adding your questions by pressing on the New question button on the right. When a new window pops up, type a summary of your question on the subject line, elaborate the same in the body of the text box before saving the page. Please add your wiki signature after your question and add membership number in brackets. The question will be added as a new section to this page. Add this page to your watch list and check back to participate in the discussion. Any candidate can respond to any question.

The suggested timeline for adding questions is Nov 10, 2014 and the discussions is Nov 15, 2014

Oct 30- Nov 15 : Public question and answer from community members to candidates

We have have 13 candidates in the Final Slate.
See Profiles at a Glance

Questions to all candidates

Candidate view of Chapter priorities and EC first year goals

a) What would be your view of top 5 priorities for the chapter if you get elected? b) What in you view should be the goals for the new EC for the first year? c) How would you be able to help the EC accomplish those? (please provide specific thoughts than generic responses) Arunram 08:18, 31 October 2014 (IST)

Dr. Abhiraj Suryawanshi's Response and followups

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Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju's Response and followups

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Dr. Mahesh Mangalat's Response and followups

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Hiran Venugopalan's Response and followups

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Karthik Nadar's Response and followups

In my opion, the EC must work on strong governance for atleast next one year which will make its base strong and can make way to grow in a sustainable way. Thus, following will be the top 5 priorities:

  1. 12A and 80G tax exemptions
  2. Creation of Advisory Committee for the Chapter who will focus on just to see if the Chapter is doing all good: Advisory committee shall be a mixture of people from various backgrounds like legal and so on
  3. Frequent Communication with Community members and with the Wikimedia Foundation which will enhance the trust towards the chapter
  4. Enhancing the benefits which we provide to the members
  5. Raising more funds locally (donations from local individuals and organisations) rather then been dependent on a single organisatiion; i.e. WMF
  6. (Additionally) Let the community grow and come back to its natural strength post which Chapter and the community and focus on more adventurous things for the Wikimedia movement in India

The mentioned above things on one side will give enough time for the chapter to grow in terms of legal and financial support to sustain and on the other hand, it will help the community to focus and become more active on itself which is more need for the day. -- ♪Karthik♫ ♪Nadar♫ 00:05, 1 November 2014 (IST)

Netha Hussain's Response and followups

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Nikhil Kawale's Response and followups

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Priyanka Tiwari's Response and followups

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Sanket Oswal's Response and followups

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Sibi Kanagaraj's Response and followups

  • Top 5 priorities
    • Focus on Gender Gap activities .
    • Talking with government officials and newspapers and getting archives in CC compliant license.
    • Building the spirit of community and trying to organise inter as well as intra community meet ups ( Not on large scale ) in regular intervals.
    • Bridging various sister movements like Free Knowledge , Free Culture movements to join hands with WMIN .
    • To make WMIN financially autonomous on the longer run.
  • Goals for the First year

<<To be updated>>

  • Helping EC in accomplishing the goals

<<To be updated>>

Viswanathan Prabhakaran's Response and followups

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Yohann Varun Thomas's Response and followups

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Yogesh Khandke's Response and followups

  1. Increase the number of Indian Wikipedia editors.
    1. Action: Target one college per week/ and thus do outreach activities in 104 colleges in the two year term.
  2. Strive to make the chapter financially independent of WMF:
    1. Action: Raise funds locally; solicit for funds from Indian corporate donors.
  3. Strive to increase chapter membership.
    1. Action: Create college/city/ state branches of WIC. Activity performed in tandem with (1) above.
    2. Action: Rejuvenate meet ups and arrange for colleges/ libraries/ other such institutions to allow their premises.
  4. Improve editing skills
    1. Action: Arrange workshops for editors.
  5. Lobby to have government owned intellectual property to be available in public domain.
    1. Action: I had raised the matter with the president of Marathi Vishvakosh Mandal, Dr. Wad, being a Chapter member would give me a better locus standi, would encourage other EC members to do the same in their area of interest/ influence.

Yogesh Khandke 19:11, 31 October 2014 (IST) Hi, from "Save Narmada" 1. Can you provide a link to where Sue Gardner praised you for the Ganga/Ganges controversy ? 2. How do you feel about Western editors not allowing Indians to edit at Wikipedia by ganging up against them and disparaging genuine sources Indians provide ? 3. What steps will you take on EC to ensure that racism and discrimination against Indian editors at Wikipedia is removed ? Pradyu 11:39, 2 November 2014 (IST)