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Election-2013 IRC Jul2013

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India EC Elections 2013
* Elections 2013
* Announcement
* Nomination process
* Candidates (5)
* Connect: Candidate IRC, Q&A
* Results
* Archive: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


To discuss Election process and expectation on EC roles from members.

Date and Time

Date: 6th July 2013, 09:00PM to 10:00PM IST



   Arjun, Tinu, RK (Election Committee)
   Karthik,Srikanth, Viswam (Executive Committee)
   Sowmyan (Executive Manager)
   Jayanta and Yohannvt (Members) 

Election process and EC roles clarifications were provided.


   EC to confirm the eligibility of members for participation in Election (as proposer/seconder/candidate) well in advance of the Nomination due date i.e 14 July -- Karthik
   Members are encouraged not to wait for the dead line to submit nominations.--Members 

The full log

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  • [21:00] <arjunaraoc> hi all, IRC for WMIN Elections will begin soon.
  • [21:01] <arjunaraoc> It is scheduled for an hour.
  • [21:02] == RadhaKrishna [7c28f4c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:02] <arjunaraoc> The IRC is meant for WMIN members. others are welcome to observe.
  • [21:02] <arjunaraoc> RadhaKrishna: Welcome
  • [21:02] <arjunaraoc> TS-Sowmyan: welcome
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  • [21:03] <jayanta> welcome all
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  • [21:03] <arjunaraoc> Thanks jayanta . Glad you could join
  • [21:03] == tinucherian [7aacc1fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:04] <tinucherian> hello all
  • [21:04] <arjunaraoc> Welcome tinucherian
  • [21:04] <tinucherian> hello arjunaraoc
  • [21:04] == Viswam [75fdb935@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:04] <arjunaraoc> I am expecting few Executive Committee members.
  • [21:04] <tinucherian> ok
  • [21:05] <arjunaraoc> Yes. Viswam just joined
  • [21:05] <arjunaraoc> welcome Viswam
  • [21:05] <Viswam> Thanks. I may go offline anytime due to power/network issues.
  • [21:06] <arjunaraoc> The IRC agenda is at
  • [21:06] <jayanta> in this yr who many post vacant for EC?
  • [21:06] <arjunaraoc> Election notice-2013 and Nominations process --Election Committee member Vacancies clarification and expectation from candidates .. Execom Representative Questions/Clarifications ..All
  • [21:07] <arjunaraoc> jayanta: As communicate by EC, there are two vacancies
  • [21:08] == Guest____ [75fdb935@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:08] == a1 [704f25ac@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:08] <arjunaraoc> Myself, tinucherian and RadhaKrishna are serving as Election Committee
  • [21:09] <arjunaraoc> Karthik has signed on the wiki page. so will wait for couple of more minutes and start
  • [21:10] <tinucherian> You can also find the election announcement & dates here
  • [21:10] <arjunaraoc> Thanks Tinu, I was about to push that link.
  • [21:10] <RadhaKrishna> Hi all
  • [21:10] <arjunaraoc> Are there any nominations so far?
  • [21:11] <jayanta> hi all I am jayanta from kolkata ... I was candiate for WMIC election in 2011, may I propose myself in this yr?
  • [21:12] <arjunaraoc> jayanta: let me answer this before I hand to others
  • [21:13] <arjunaraoc> if you are a member on May 15 and are continuing to be a member, you can certainly contest the election.
  • [21:13] <arjunaraoc> As per the election process linked to election notice, the proposer and seconder have to be other members
  • [21:14] <arjunaraoc> If you need help to identify proposers/seconders you may like to send a mail to members list.
  • [21:14] <arjunaraoc> or contact Sowmyan or EC for help, as the mailing list may not be current.
  • [21:15] <arjunaraoc> jayanta: Does that answer your question?
  • [21:15] <jayanta> understood:)
  • [21:15] <Viswam> May be we can start it formally, Let Arjun Rao moderate. Karthik is away from a terminal. May try to peek in through limited mobile connectivity. I myself has a very unreliable connection and power right now.
  • [21:15] == karthikndr [2a68ac0f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:15] <Viswam> Oh he just logged in :)
  • [21:16] <arjunaraoc> Good. welcome karthikndr
  • [21:16] <tinucherian> :)
  • [21:16] <arjunaraoc> just waiting for you to start formally
  • [21:16] <tinucherian> jayanta , to add what arjuna said, Last date and time of receiving nominations is 14 July 2013, 11:59PM IST
  • [21:16] <arjunaraoc> Hi all, let us begin the session.
  • [21:16] <karthikndr> hey guys...
  • [21:16] <arjunaraoc> The election notice is at
  • [21:17] <tinucherian> hello karthikndr
  • [21:17] <arjunaraoc> The election process is at
  • [21:17] <arjunaraoc> The call for nominations is at
  • [21:18] <karthikndr> 'm logged in from my mobile...might be slow to respond
  • [21:18] <tinucherian> To all, we have two people from the current EC : karthikndr and Viswam
  • [21:18] <arjunaraoc> I, Tinu and Radhakrishna from Election committee are on the IRC.
  • [21:18] <arjunaraoc> karthikndr: Viswam from Executive Committee are on IRC
  • [21:18] <arjunaraoc> Let's take roll call of members on IRC
  • [21:19] <arjunaraoc> jayanta: are you there?
  • [21:19] <jayanta> yah!
  • [21:20] <arjunaraoc> Any other members?
  • [21:20] <tinucherian> this is Tinucherian, former EC and now part of 2013 Election Committee
  • [21:20] <Guest____> Me, Viswam (ViswaPrabha) here
  • [21:20] <TS-Sowmyan> Sowmyan
  • [21:20] <yohannvt> this is Yohann Thomas from Pune
  • [21:20] <Guest____> (this is a standbye login)
  • [21:20] <arjunaraoc> Welcome yohannvt
  • [21:21] <yohannvt> thank you arjunaraoc
  • [21:21] <arjunaraoc> Let's start with any questions about the elections process
  • [21:21] <RadhaKrishna> I am RadhaKrishna, part of Election Committee
  • [21:22] <karthikndr> this is Karthik, currently serving aa secretary at wmin
  • [21:22] == Pavanaja [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 22.0/20130618035212]]
  • [21:23] <arjunaraoc> Just before the formal start Jayanta had a question about the eligibility.
  • [21:23] <arjunaraoc> I repeat the answer if you are a member on May 15 and are continuing to be a member, you can certainly contest the election.
  • [21:23] <karthikndr> arjuna, tinu and rk, thanks for been part of the election committee
  • [21:23] <arjunaraoc> If you need help to identify proposers/seconders you may like to send a mail to members list.
  • [21:23] <TS-Sowmyan> I will update the member list on wmin tonight
  • [21:24] <TS-Sowmyan> wmin google groups
  • [21:24] <tinucherian> You are welcome, karthikndr . Glad to be of service to the Wikimedia India Chapter
  • [21:24] <karthikndr> just to repeat, we have two vacancies right now
  • [21:25] <yohannvt> I wanted to know when will the Voters list be out??
  • [21:25] <arjunaraoc> As per the election process linked to election notice, the proposer and seconder have to be other members
  • [21:25] <arjunaraoc> or contact Sowmyan or EC for help, as the mailing list may not be current.
  • [21:25] <arjunaraoc> Any other questions?
  • [21:25] <arjunaraoc> As per the election process linked to election notice, the proposer and seconder have to be other members
  • [21:26] <arjunaraoc> tinucherian: would you like to take up yohannvt 's question
  • [21:28] <TS-Sowmyan> I am working on updating the memberlist. This is being reviewed to make sure there are no errors. Hopefully by tomorrow this should get published
  • [21:29] <tinucherian> Just as per MOA, at least three weeks before AGM, elections we expect on 19, so that we can finalise slate on 20
  • [21:30] <tinucherian> As Sowmyan said, he is working on this.
  • [21:31] <yohannvt> Thank you TS-Sowmyan
  • [21:31] <jayanta> one another Q "send a mail to members list." where can be found?
  • [21:31] <tinucherian> you can that they can ask Secretary/Sowmyan for any clarification till then
  • [21:32] <arjunaraoc> RadhaKrishna: can you take up the members list question?
  • [21:32] <TS-Sowmyan>
  • [21:33] <arjunaraoc> thx TS-Sowmyan
  • [21:33] <arjunaraoc> If I remember right, it is an opt-in list.
  • [21:33] <jayanta> thanks...Sowmyan
  • [21:33] <yohannvt> Q I know some members, who have submitted their forms before 15th may, but have still not submitted their Icard Scans. When will be the last date for that, so that they are eligible for voting??
  • [21:33] <arjunaraoc> You have to inform the chapter about your interest, so that you can be added to the list.
  • [21:34] == rsrikanth05 [73f1680f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:34] <arjunaraoc> if you are not already on it
  • [21:34] <karthikndr> dear yohann, we will figure out on how we can declare the list of members
  • [21:34] <RadhaKrishna> Mailing list :
  • [21:35] <rsrikanth05> eRR, HI ALL.
  • [21:35] <karthikndr> I think making the list public is quite a privacy issue
  • [21:35] <arjunaraoc> karthikndr: It will be good to give the clarity soon. It will help, if you can indicate how much time EC may need. Certainly in good time before the closure of nominations ie. 14 July
  • [21:35] <arjunaraoc> hi rsrikanth05
  • [21:36] <arjunaraoc> welcome
  • [21:36] <rsrikanth05> Thank you.
  • [21:36] <tinucherian> hello rsrikanth05
  • [21:36] <arjunaraoc> karthikndr: non members can't post to the list. not sure about question of privacy
  • [21:37] <karthikndr> yes arjuna, we understand, and we will keep everyone updated asap we can
  • [21:37] <yohannvt> I agree with arjunaraoc, It should not happen that a member not eligible, is filling up the nominations. Clarity is very imp
  • [21:37] <arjunaraoc> agreed yohannvt
  • [21:38] <tinucherian> In the interest of all, here are the important dates to note :
  • [21:38] <tinucherian> Last date and time of receiving nominations:14 July 2013, 11:59PM IST
  • [21:38] <tinucherian> Scrutiny and Publishing Draft slate of candidates: 16 July 2013
  • [21:38] <tinucherian> Last date for withdrawal of nominations: 19 July 2013 11:59PM
  • [21:38] <tinucherian> Publishing final slate of candidates: 20 July 2013
  • [21:38] <tinucherian> Date of election ( and AGM) : 15 Aug 2013.
  • [21:39] <RadhaKrishna> This list is configured "member only view", "member only post"
  • [21:39] <arjunaraoc> Thx tinu
  • [21:39] <arjunaraoc> request members not to wait until the deadline, as there may be sometimes wiki/net down time.
  • [21:39] <arjunaraoc> EC has assured us to keep that to the minimum.
  • [21:39] <tinucherian> Strongly agree with Arjuna
  • [21:40] == pub [75e72b18@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-in
  • [21:41] <arjunaraoc> One agenda item, we had is expectations about EC roles and clarifications from EC members.
  • [21:41] <arjunaraoc> Any questions around that?
  • [21:42] <arjunaraoc> jayanta: yohannvt
  • [21:42] <yohannvt> Q How often do the EC members meet?
  • [21:42] <yohannvt> Also pls explain their roles
  • [21:42] <Viswam> For all of your information, we expect our sites and wikis to be down for a planned migration from the present host at Europe to an Indian based server. This could be typically upto six hours where the wikis will remain READONLY.
  • [21:42] <karthikndr> dear yohann, as per law we have to meet 4 times in an year
  • [21:43] <rsrikanth05> Each quarter.
  • [21:44] <karthikndr> we also meet most of the time on phone twice in a month
  • [21:45] <arjunaraoc> info on EC roles please
  • [21:45] <yohannvt> kathik: say an EC member is in delhi & the meeting is in Bangalore, so that ec member has come every quarte?
  • [21:45] <TS-Sowmyan> Once a quarter they need to have a face to face meeting with atleast 4 EC members present. Others can join by telecon. In reality EC has monthly teleconferences as required.
  • [21:45] <rsrikanth05> We have a conference call twice a month.
  • [21:46] <rsrikanth05> We have to meet once a quarter. We met in Feb 2013 in Bangalore and recently in Bombay.
  • [21:48] <TS-Sowmyan> The meeting need not be in Bangalore alone. It can eb in any city.
  • [21:49] <jayanta> What responsibility to be fulfill & expectations from as a EC member  ??
  • [21:49] == pub [75e72b18@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
  • [21:49] <Viswam> EC Member is effectively a member in the board of directors if you think of the Chapter as a company.
  • [21:50] <Viswam> Together they hold responsibility for the overall, long-term, and day-to-day planning, organization and execution of Chapter's activities
  • [21:51] <Viswam> Within the EC, we may often divide the responsibilities so that each one can take a lead on a particular task. Even then, everyone will be part of every decisions and efforts.
  • [21:51] <karthikndr> I'll keep it simple, an EC member is a person who thinks he can do many more things to promote Wikimedia in India
  • [21:52] <Viswam> The EC has to chose a President, a secretary and a treasurer from within itself. They have particular responsibilities and authorities as is normal in any board.
  • [21:52] <karthikndr> like talking to government authorities, organizing workshops
  • [21:53] <jayanta> thanks to all for clarify me..:)
  • [21:54] <karthikndr> as a secretary, I'm incharge to make al. reports...
  • [21:54] <Viswam> PS: There are no renumerations or sitting fees for the EC members. They are still volunteers.
  • [21:54] <tinucherian> Further Reading, chapter MoA  :
  • [21:54] <rsrikanth05> As treeasurer, I'm in charge of finances.
  • [21:54] <Viswam> However, expenses for the meetings or project co-ordinations may be reimbursed on actuals.
  • [21:55] <yohannvt> Q Some months back,there was a mail on the mailing list on the topic on expanding the size of the EC. Where are we on that ?? Are wethinking about it ?
  • [21:56] <Viswam> As an active EC member, one may have to spend 10 to 20 hours typically every week
  • [21:56] <arjunaraoc> Roles of office bearers are given in detail
  • [21:57] <arjunaraoc> Oh. Tinu has given it already
  • [21:57] <Viswam> My humble opinion on that as of now is that, we need to grow even bigger as a chapter with much more general body members before we think of expanding just the EC.
  • [21:57] <karthikndr> no... the EC wants to expand the Wikimedia activities in India...
  • [21:58] <karthikndr> y do agree that we wanna grow our chapter, and not expand ites i
  • [21:59] <arjunaraoc> We will be running out of the scheduled time in couple of minutes
  • [21:59] <arjunaraoc> If there are more questions, we can extend by 10 minutes or so with atleast few people continuing.
  • [21:59] <Viswam> As a chapter, we should have more people from more different geographic and subject matter fields. We could be one of a prominent institution of India, within a few years if our full potential is foreseen.
  • [22:00] <rsrikanth05> Expanding the EC is still under discussion. As of now, our present aim is to strengthen the Wikimedia movement in India.
  • [22:00] <tinucherian> Agree with Karthik & Viswam... The chapter needs to play a very active role in expanding Wikipedia/ Wikimedia activities in India
  • [22:00] <arjunaraoc> you can also ask questions to Executive Committee/ Election Committee directly or on members mailing list.
  • [22:01] <yohannvt> So we can conclude it
  • [22:01] <arjunaraoc> BTW, EC members have the opportunity of representing the chapter in Wikimedia Conference held at international locations every year.
  • [22:01] <Viswam> Yohannvt, Thank you so much to be so active and forthcoming here! My personal appreciations to you!
  • [22:02] <arjunaraoc> jayanta: any other question?
  • [22:02] <Viswam> Oh, to Jayanta too!
  • [22:03] <jayanta> its ok for this time...
  • [22:03] <arjunaraoc> Thanks everyone especially Jayanta and yohannvt for joining the IRC. It is a good sign to kick off Elections.
  • [22:04] <arjunaraoc> We look forward to active participation from members in the Election process.
  • [22:04] <Viswam> Thank you Arjuna for being here to moderate, guide and also to be in time as always :)
  • [22:04] <yohannvt> Thank you
  • [22:04] <tinucherian> Thanks everyone & Arjuna
  • [22:04] <arjunaraoc> Thanks EC, TS-Sowmyan , Executive manager for your support.
  • [22:04] <TS-Sowmyan> BY every one
  • [22:05] <arjunaraoc> The IRC ends formally, Bye. Good night!,
  • [22:05] <Viswam> And toTinu, Radhakrishna and Soumyan
  • [22:05] <arjunaraoc> I will log this to wiki in the next few minutes
  • [22:05] <jayanta> thank you
  • [22:05] <Viswam> Please Do! Thanks. And bye, Good Night All
  • [22:05] == TS-Sowmyan [7aa6b0fb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

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