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Community Hall

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Welcome to Wikimedia India's Community Hall. This will be our version of village pump :) Please feel free to discuss general issues, plans and programs to take the movement forward.

Featured Wikimedian of the Month

The 'Featured Wikimedian of the Month' column has not been updated for a while since early 2014. I stopped updating it when a glitch appeared on the Wikimedia India Chapter wiki, causing the images to appear distorted. Now that the bugs have been fixed, it would be a good idea to start updating the column again. I am interested in volunteering to do this. Any other takers? I'd welcome comments, suggestions and ideas about this project. --Netha Hussain 14:24, 21 October 2014 (IST)

Hi Netha, glad you are taking this up again. I feel we can make this a weekly or at least a fortnightly feature to recognize more conrtibutors across India. With the current monthly model, we can only recognize 12 contributors per year. We can call this section as "This week's contributor". This will make it less controversial if someone is wondering how someone can be called a featured Wikimedian in the strict sense like featured articles. I can also volunteer to bring more volunteers to help and to be featured :)
Since you already have the profile for Rishabh, please start featuring him right away. Going forward, we can figure out how to receive nominations and add more people to the team. I am also thinking of giving wider coverage for contributors through our social media channels and give them swags too. I hope this will bring enough interest in the project and credit for the featured vounteers !--Ravi 14:44, 21 October 2014 (IST)