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City and Language Special Interest Groups Status

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Task force objectives

Wikimedia India proposes to interface with Community through the formation of City and Language special interest Subcommittee. The following are the guidelines to identify leaders for them.

  • A chair person of each SIG (City/Langauge) can only represent either a city or a language.
  • Members of SIG: You can belong to any number of Language SIGs to which you contribute, but only belong to one City SIG that is closest to your place of residence in the same geographic entity as yours.
  • Self nomination with recommendation by others or nominations of other members of the same SIG and acceptance by such nominated individuals are allowed.
  • Chairs of such subcommittees will interface with one EC member charged with City/Language SIG
  • All such Chairpersons, if they are not members, are required to apply for membership of the Chapter at the earliest.
  • SIG pages on Members wiki will be used for nominations, Members identification, discussions and finalisation of the Chairpersons.
  • In case no consensus emerges on the chairperson for a particular SIG, chapter EC will decide on the same considering the inputs available.
  • Chairpersons are expected to serve in their roles for one-two years.

Task force Stewardship & Members

  • Sudhanwa Jogalekar, Chair, City and Language SIGs
  • Each SIG Chair (details in the pages linked below) will be part of this team

Role of the Chairperson of the City/Language

  • Single point contact for Chapter to discuss issues, events of interest in such SIG
  • Responsible for promoting Wikimedia projects, nurturing growth of Community
  • SIG framework

The role will evolve based on inputs. Please discuss on talk page.

City SIG

SIGs that are bootstrapping

  1. Bangalore SIG
  2. Delhi SIG
  3. Hyderabad SIG
  4. Kolkata SIG
  5. Mumbai SIG
  6. Pune SIG

SIGs that are to be started

  1. Chennai SIG
  2. Cuttack SIG
  3. Gauhati SIG
  4. Kochi SIG

Language SIG

SIGs that are bootstrapping

  1. English SIG
  2. Bengali SIG
  3. Hindi SIG
  4. Kannada SIG
  5. Malayalam SIG
  6. Marathi SIG
  7. Nepali SIG
  8. Odia SIG
  9. Sanskrit SIG
  10. Telugu SIG

SIGs that are to be started

  1. Assamese SIG
  2. Bodo SIG
  3. Dogri SIG
  4. Gujarati SIG
  5. Kashmiri SIG
  6. Konkani SIG
  7. Maithili SIG
  8. Manipuri SIG
  9. Punjabi SIG
  10. Santhali SIG
  11. Sindhi SIG
  12. Tamil SIG
  13. Urdu SIG

Nominations & Finalisation

Kindly add your nominations for Chairperson in the relevant page links above. If there is no page link for the particular City/Language, kindly add the same and then update the linked page. See Bangalore SIG or Pune SIG as an example.