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Announcements/Invitation to join Chapter as Member by 23 June 2011 to participate in EC elections during AGM

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Hi Wikimedians,

The Chapter has a statutory requirement that we have our first Annual General Body meeting before the end of September 2011. We plan on holding this, in Bangalore, on 24 Sep 2011. (Note: We had earlier mentioned the date as 17 Sep 2011 but this was changed based on unforeseen changes in the schedules of EC members and to give more time for members to join in.)

Filling vacancies in the EC will be one major item on the agenda of AGM. That said, only people who have become members at least three months prior to the date of the AGM are eligible to stand and to vote. Please remember that there is allowance for those members not in Bangalore to vote as well. What we will do in the next 2 weeks is to begin a draft nomination process and send it for your feedback and inputs.

Hence we urge you to join Wikimedia Chapter by 23 June 2011, if you have not yet applied for membership. Please spread this message with your fellow wikimedians and encourage them to apply for membership immediately. The Individual membership form along with either Cheque/DD payable at par at Bangalore should be received by 23 June 2011 at Chapter's office. If you are using online transfer, please send a scanned copy of your membership form before 23 June 2011 to along with your online payment details and ensure that your physical membership form reaches chapter office before 30 June 2011.

We are really looking forward to an active and strong interest in the Chapter from the Community.


Arjuna Rao Chavala
President, Wikimedia Chapter
15 June 2011

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