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Announcements/Formation of Communications, PR & Media Relations Team

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Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the first batch of our team for Communications, PR & Media Relations of the Wikimedia India Chapter.
  • Tinu Cherian, Head, Communications
  • Arun Ramaratnam, Official Spokesperson
  • Anirudh Bhati
  • Srikeit Tadepalli
  • Noopur Raval
  • Srikanth Lakshmanan
  • Naveen Francis
  • Pranav Curumsey
  • Ram Shankar Yadav
  • Mitra Sharma
  • Anivar Aravind

We are still discussing with lots of potential people who are interested and have the necessary skills. We will be adding them as we progress.

Scope of Work

Duties and Responsibilities of the team include, but are not limited to the following:

General :

  • Development of a comprehensive multi-language Communications Plan for Wikimedia Movement in India to support the Chapter's strategic objectives. This plan must include social media, digital outreach, Public Relations (PR) and supporting community and chapter outreach.
  • Implementation of the Communications Plan - including measuring of results focused on growth in participation and readership within India and continuous improvement as required.
  • Identification, selection and onboarding of specialised agencies as required.
  • Build a close partnership with the Community and Wikimedia Foundation India Programs to support communications and media outreach.
  • Participating in Global Wikimedia Communications committee and subscribed to its mailing list:

Communications :

  • Supporting and overseeing communication with Wikimedia community which includes Chapter members, general public and media.
  • Helping the Chapter Secretary in the monthly report that is send to the members and the community.
  • Providing ad hoc support to the Chapter & Community on all aspects of communications as may be deemed necessary.

Public/ Media Relations :

  • Coordinating communications with the press, including press releases, interviews, and inquiries.
  • Handling press enquiries and answering them.
  • Build a close partnership and working relation with a network of journalists and news editors all over India and abroad.
  • Maintaining a list of people willing to be contacted & interviewed by the media.
  • Identify potential "media worthy" stories and getting them published into the mass media.
  • Contacting editors and publishers of Wikipedia press coverage to request that corrections be published as needed.
  • Public Relations (PR) to build and manage relationships with media and drive messaging that promotes participation.
  • Researching press lists, monitoring and analyzing media coverage, both negative and positive.
  • will be responsible for executing and carrying out PR campaigns on behalf of the chapter.
  • Improve Wikimedia media coverage especially on Indian local languages.
  • Supporting the media coverage of Chapter , Wikimedia Foundation and Community led events and initiatives in India like Wikiconference, wikimeeetups, wikiacademies, workshops etc

Digital Properties/Social Media :

  • Digital outreach comprises how to drive awareness and education and movitation to participate in various projects from within the existing readership base.
  • Social media includes managing and driving social media vehicles to drive participation (i.e., building awareness and driving traffic to Indic language editions, raising awareness of how content is created on various projects and motivating and enabling participation.)
  • Maintain the official IRC channel on freenode: #wikimedia-in and regularly conduct planned IRC sessions.
  • Maintain the social media properties including the ones on facebook & twitter and Youtube channels, and all Public facing Digital resources like the wiki, blog and website.
  • Keeping the Wikimedia India Press kit and In the News sections on the public wiki up to date.
  • Interacting with the Chapter OTRS team.
  • Help and co-ordinate the Community Newsletter, WikiPatrika

Team Structure

  • The team is led by Head of Communications, PR & Media Relations, Wikimedia Chapter. The position is a voluntary and not a staff/paid position.
  • There is an official Spokesperson of the Wikimedia India Chapter. The position is a voluntary and not a staff/paid position.
  • The above positions will be handled either by a single person or two individuals.
  • The Team will be internally divided into Communications , Press & Social Media sub-teams.

You can find more information at

Tinu Cherian
Wikimedia India Chapter.

Date: Feb 11, 2012