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Announcements/Call for participation of Members in Chapter Task Forces

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Dear Members,

With the objective of increasing the engagement of members of the chapter actively in various initiatives that would align to their interests and passions, the Executive Committee (EC) has come up with focused Task Forces for coordinating and driving various chapter activities.

There are two types of Task Forces - Project Task Forces and Operations Task Forces. The Project Task Forces are focused on growing Wikimedia projects. The Operations Task Forces are critical functions to enable the Project Task Forces and the Chapter in growing the movement.

Project Task Forces

  • City and Language Special Interest Groups  :

Chair, City and Language Special Interest Groups: Sudhanwa Jogalekar

  • Special Projects (Special projects requiring coordination across multiple SIGs. GLAM is one such project) :

Chair, Special Projects: Arun Ramarathnam

Operations Task Forces

  • Administration :

Head, Administration: Srinivas Gunta

  • Fundraising :

Head, Fundraising: Anirudh Bhati

  • Communications, PR & Media Relations:

Head, Communications, PR & Media Relations: Tinu Cherian

Task Force Stewardship

The Task Force stewardship will be provided by EC members in terms of encouraging volunteers to join the Task Force, coordinating for financial resources and other resources across the Task Forces and the EC. EC members will work with the Task Forces to grow volunteer base, support and enable planning and execution.

Call for member participation

We encourage every member of the chapter to volunteer for a Project and/or a Operations Task Force based on his/her interests. This would allow members to actively participate in chapter activities and strengthen the various projects and functions. The Task Forces also allow for creating a leadership pipeline for the chapter EC.

Please review the scope of activities of the various Task Forces by following the hyperlinks against the names of the task force (above) on the members wiki and use the discussion pages for seeking clarifications. You can also reach the leads of the various Task Forces for any clarifications.

Please sign up to the various Task Forces as per your interest and help in shaping the chapter initiatives and executing the same.

Looking forward to your active participation in the Task Forces.

Arjuna Rao Chavala,
President, Wikimedia Chapter.