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==Candidate 2==
==Candidate 2==
[[Category:Gender gap]]

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Wikimedia India is looking for a female representative to participate in AdaCamp Bangalore.

The representative

  • Need not be a chapter member. But, we will look forward you to become a member in future and take an active role in our Gender Gap SIG.
  • Shall submit a report to the chapter about the event and participation.
  • Shall fulfill the expecatations of AdaCamp's usual selection process.
  • Shall avail travel scholarship from the chapter.

Please express your interest below in the following format:

(If you don't have a user account here or unable to edit, please send the details by mail to ravidreams at wikimedia dot in.)

  • Name you prefer
  • Email (you may drop a mail to ravidreams at wikimedia dot in to protect privacy)
  • Location (indicate if you need travel assistance)
  • Your experience in open technology and culture
  • Your thoughts and experience around feminism
  • Any other unique experiences or expertise you would bring to the event?

Please apply before 31st October 05:00 PM IST.

Candidate 1

  • Name: Krutikaa Jawanjal
  • Email:
  • Location: Thane, Maharashtra (I need travel assistance)
  • Your experience in open technology and culture: Hi, I'm a student and Ive been a user of open technology for the past 2 years. My journey with open technology and culture began with volunteering at Wikipedia. Wikipedia and other wiki-related projects not only introduced me to open culture, but at a personal level its developed me as an individual who believes in philosophies like sharing, contributing, collaboration, volunteering, participating etc. Although, it began with Wikipedia, and organizing various Wikipedia events with the community, there was much more to it. I'm, now, totally a fan of open culture. Further, I'm a part of Barcamp Mumbai as a team member. Its wonderful how people share their knowledge in an unconference. Most of my experience around open tech and culture is as a user, promoter and contributer(in case of WIkipedia). I have also interned at The Playce, which is a co-working scape, hackerspace, etc and have been involved with a open community events around tech, knowledge sharing, etc.
  • Your thoughts and experience around feminism: Feminism, the world needs it. There is a huge gendergap in almost every area of the society. I'm working at an NGO, Point of View, which amplifies the voices of women and remove barriers to free speech and expression. The project that I'm working on is Erotic India. EROTICS India explores the connections between sexual rights, gender rights and internet rights. It understands the internet as an important and emerging public and democratic space, especially for the advancement of sexual rights. I became aware about gender gap in technology and online space while volunteering at Wikipedia. That's when we began editing workshops, only for women to lessen the gender gap. Furthermore, at Point of View, it was much more. I came across issues related to privacy, online abuse, gender and tech. Its much more widespread than I'd tought. Its insane when we come across knowledge like "Use of mobile phones among sex workers in India!".
  • Any other unique experiences or expertise you would bring to the event? I taught mom to use laptop and internet. I was inspired to teach her how to use it while I began working at Point of View. It wasns't so difficult. She enjoyed it. If possible, I'd like to share this experience.

Candidate 2