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More commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty has gained more and more popularity in recent years. Reshaping the nose can change the overall look of the face. Moreover, modern techniques and tools make the surgery possible without leaving any noticeable scars. There are two main types of rhinoplasty: open and closed. Open rhinoplasty refers to nasal reconstructive surgery where an incision is made in the strip of flesh between the nostrils to allow the surgeon greater access when performing extensive changes. [Closed rhinoplasty] is more desirable because the incisions are made inside the nasal cavity, so there are no lines or scars on the face at all. To find the best rhinoplasty surgeon Los Angeles has to offer, look for a few important characteristics for your [closed rhinoplasty procedure].

As the center of the movie industry, Los Angeles has a wealth of plastic surgeons from which to choose. L.A. is second only to New York in the United States for sheer population numbers, so there are a number of good medical facilities and qualified doctors. However, there are also quite a few doctors who are not even close to being the best rhinoplasty surgeon Los Angeles citizens can choose. If you are looking for superb closed rhinoplasty, the first criteria when looking at plastic surgeons is their tendency toward either open or closed procedures. Some physicians are more comfortable with open rhinoplasty and are reluctant to do the closed procedure.

Education and qualifications do not guarantee the best rhinoplasty surgeon Los Angeles residents can find, but they are a good way to weed out under-trained or shady individuals. Experience with closed rhinoplasty is a must for an excellent surgery experience. Ask how many closed procedures the doctor has performed, and request to see before and after pictures of clients. Calling references is also a good idea. It's a good idea to find out if the past clients are happy with the overall experience with the doctor you are considering.

Another indicator of the options for best rhinoplasty surgeon Los Angeles beauties trust is the doctor's willingness to consult with you. Your physician should allow time to meet prior to the procedure so you can ask questions, explain what you want, and be advised of the risks and possible rewards of a closed rhinoplasty procedure. Technology these days can even show possible pictures predicting what you will look like after the surgery. Ask if the doctors you are considering use these types of helpful tools so you will be as prepared as possible.