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Wikipedia for Schools-Indian version

The SOS Children's Village Project, an NGO from Great Britain, and the Wikimedia Foundation have put together an offline Wikipedia referred to as "Wikipedia for Schools".

See the online version here.

However that edition consists of articles selected for the Western cultural context . It needs tweaking to be relevant to our environment. Plus, we will need to collect equivalent sets for each Indian Language. Probably, some wikipedias may not have equivalent inter-wikis and will need fresh articles written for them.

Project Aim

This project aims to compile a fresh selection of articles for an offline Wikipedia in the Indian context.

User:AshLin says: The aim is to compile a set of articles suitable for the Indian school system. The basis for this is the SOS Children's Villages collection which forms the first offline wikipedia compilation for schools (henceforth called the SOS compilation). Since the compilation is designed for the British school syllabus, there is a need to make the choice of articles suitable for India.

I think that this is an important activity that needs to be done on larger scales. I have a vision of how we can modularise all this.

  • First of all, we need a thinned down version with all British-specific extra articles removed. This needs to be vetted so that the collection is representative of international community. As of now, the SOS compilation looks quite suitable but we need to vet it to ensure that it is so. This is the base International module.
  • To make a country-specific module, we add a country-specific addon module to the base international module.
  • Therefore, we identify additional articles for each country's compilation. The British articles that we do away from the SOS compilation can form the basis of the British addon module.
  • In addition, to all this, vetting would need to be done to remove material inappropriate for schoolchildren. Material contrary to the laws of the country would need to be removed. There may be additional activities to be done.
  • Once all this is done, the additional work of removing template tags etc is done.
  • A kiwix compilation is made after all cleanup work is done.


Full fledged edition

  1. Prepare list of topics of the latest version of Wikipedia for Schools (SOS Children's Village Project version - html download). (Done)
  2. Count them. (Done).
  3. Check each section's topics for relevance and :
  • Delete articles pertaining to British/North American cultural contexts irrelevant to the Indian context.
  • Add articles relevant to the Indian context.
  1. Prepare list of desired topics from a set of textbooks in CBSE and countercheck availability on Wikipedia for Schools - Indian version.
  2. Get list counter-checked with the Learning Lab's semantic and phyllogenic web (proposed).
  3. During the process (steps 3 to 6) get peer review.
  4. Get domain experts in each field to cross-check if any important topics left out.
  5. Censorship (as required).
  6. Article improvement - no tags please.
  7. If Wikipedia for Schools occupies less space, add articles. If Wikipedia for Schools exceeds size of DVD then trim number of articles.
  8. Compile the offline version - humungous task.
  9. Trial deployment.
  10. Usability testing.
  11. Release version 0.1.

India 500

under construction

Geography package

under construction


Compilation 2008/09 - Main Subject Heads

These are the present 16 subject heads comprising a total of 6118 articles in the SOS compilation of 2008/2009:

Another view of this given with sections/subsections listed here

Subject Offline version Indian version
Geography Final Draft
new topic

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