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Wikimedia India FY12-13 Plan/Bangalore

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Plans proposed by - Bangalore SIG Contact SIG chair - Radhakrishna

Current Status

Explain how well the meetups have happened in the year 2011-12


How many no of Meetups planned for the year 2012-13 ?

Montly/ Bi-Montly/ Quarterly / Bi-Annually

Are you planning for Wikipedia takes XX, if you how often ?

Are you planning for any Media Wiki Event, like Hackthon ?

Will be you be planning for to organise Wiki Booth ?

Suggestion from community

Proposed Calender of the year FY 2012-13

  1. Monthly Meetups.
  2. Hackathon in FY12-13
  3. Conducting Wiki Academies and Wiki Booths

Estimated Budget for the FY 2012-13

Monthly Meetups

Bangalore Hackathon in FY12-13

Conducting Wiki Academies and Wiki Booths

During Wiki Academies, we have been depending on the Internet/WiFi, PCs, Projectors availability at the venue. Latest technologies in Communications industry made internet access very cheaper. Proposal is to have our own WiFi devices to support 10 users, so that Wiki Academies can be run by SIG, without worrying about infrastructure.

Sl No Items Qty Unit Price Amount
(in Indian Rupees)
1 Wi-Fi hub with 3G
2 Projector
3 Tablet Computer
Grand Total '