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Haifa wikimania 3.png

Wikimania 2011, the 7th annual international conference, was held on August 4-7, 2011. The attendees from India includes :

# Name UserName Home wiki City/Town Scholarship (Yes/no) / Office bearer Presentation/Talk
1 Jayanta Nath User:jayantanth Bengali Kolkata Yes
2 Rajesh Pandey User:Rajesh.Pandey Nepali New Delhi Yes
3 Srikeit User:Srikeit English Pune Yes
4 Bala User:Sodabottle Tamil Coimbatore Yes (Partial)
5 Bishakha Datta User:Bishdatta Meta Mumbai Wikimedia Board of Trustees
6 Achal Prabhala User:Aprabhala Strategy Wiki Bangalore Wikimedia Advisory Board People are Knowledge
7 Shiju Alex User:Shijualex Malayalam Bangalore Yes People are Knowledge
8 Hisham Mundol User:Hmundol Meta Delhi Wikimedia Foundation - India Programs
9 Anoop User:Anoopan Malayalam Bangalore Yes
10 Ravishankar User:ravidreams Tamil Hyderabad Yes
11 Hari Prasad Nadig User:HPN Kannada Bangalore Yes Interscript Transliteration A Case for Konkani Language
12 Suma K A User:sumanadig Kannada Bangalore Yes
13 Tinucherian User:Tinucherian English / Malayalam Bangalore Yes Wikimedia and Media in India.
14 Nitika Tandon User:Nitika.Tandon Meta/ English Delhi Wikimedia Foundation - India Programs
15 Ganesh Rao User:Ganesh.rao MediaWiki Bangalore No
16 Gurudath Baliga User:Konkani Manis Konkani Mangalore Yes Interscript Transliteration A Case for Konkani Language
17 Manju Shiju Bangalore No

A few scholarship recipients were not able to travel including Mayur (User:Mayur), Prashanth NS (User:Prashanthns) and Piyush Singh (User:cursed_mask).

Indian contingent Wikimania 2011, Haifa, Israel

Presentation/Talk proposals from Indian Wikipedians/ India

  1. Shiju Alex (User:Shijualex) and Tinu Cherian (User:Tinucherian) Wikimedia outreach efforts in India
  2. Achal Prabhala (User:Aprabhala), Mohau, Shijualex, Mayur (User:Mayur) People are Knowledge
  3. Swaroop G Rao ( User:MikeLynch) The Wiki-Indian
  4. Mohammed Haris Sumair Wikipedia's role in education
  5. Gurudath Bantwalkar and Hari Prasad Nadig Interscript Transliteration A Case for Konkani Language
  6. Surya Prakash. S ( User:Surya Prakash.S.A. ) Wikimedia projects in Classical languages - An overview of Challenges and Growth prospects
  7. KC Varghese (User:Varkeychen) Inter Lingual Wiktionary
  8. Mohammed Haris Sumair Wikipedia's role in education
  9. Feby C Varghese The Wiki Bond
  10. Vaibhav Jain {Vibhijain} Revival of Sanskrit language
  11. Anivar Aravind (User:AniVar) and Santhosh Thottingal (User:Santhosh.Thottingal) Accessibility and Wikipedia
  12. Arjuna Rao Chavala (User:Arjunaraoc) Strategies for free access to Wikipedia
  13. Syed Muzammiluddin (User:Hindustanilanguage) Revival of the Hindustani Language and the Role of Wikipedia

The submissions were being reviewed here and final schedule here