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Wiki Academy/P S R Rengasamy college of engineering for women, 2011

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A Wiki Academy was conducted on January 20,2012 at P S R Rengasamy college of engineering for women, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu.


Date and Location

January 20,2012 and Punita arora FOSS Lab, P.S.R.Rengasamy College of Engineering for women, Sivakasi

Target audience and preferred language

Students of Computer Science and Information Technology engineering.


  1. Sohan Maheshwar

Contact Persons at the Organisation

  1. Faculty: A.Chidambaresan , Staff coordinator ,
    PSRR FOSS CLUB, P S R Rengasamy college of engineering for women ,
    Sevalpatti,Sivakasi. Mobile :09944236897
  2. Student Coordinators: Miss A.L.SOLAI, Miss P.Shyamaladevi


  1. S.Rajeshwari
  2. C.Shamli


The participants of this WikiAcademy mostly consisted of 2nd and 3rd year students in the Computer Science and Information Science streams from PSR Rengaswamy Engineering College.

  1. Solaialagappan
  2. Rajeswari
  3. Shamli
  4. Shyamala devi
  5. Chithirai Meenakshi
  6. N Nandhini
  7. MS Manjula
  8. S Suganya
  9. R Vellankanni
  10. R Thilagavathi
  11. R Indradevi
  12. K Suganthi
  13. P Nithya
  14. B Rajalakshmi
  15. K Malathi
  16. V Karthiyayini
  17. S Priyanka
  18. V Chitra
  19. M Nivetha
  20. T Meera
  21. Divya N
  22. C Vinodhini
  23. M Anusaya
  24. S Rahmath Reslin
  25. H Prasanna
  26. S Kavitha
  27. M Sathya
  28. P Krishnapriya
  29. S Muthunareeswari
  30. S Aswini
  31. M Ramya
  32. R Vinothini
  33. M Mahalakshmi
  34. MS Lakshmi
  35. G Santhi
  36. G Sruthi Chithra
  37. A Nagoor Meera
  38. T Vaadaamalar
  39. R Mohanapriya
  40. S Umamaheshwari
  41. S Vijaylakshmi
  42. M Muthusarasvathi
  43. S Renganayaki
  44. M Gayathri
  45. S Kamala Saraswathi
  46. M Deepa
  47. R Jenipa
  48. K Banupriya
  49. S Krishnnakumari
  50. G Aruna
  51. R Lakshmi
  52. M Jeyalakshmi
  53. M Mithila
  54. M Renukadevi
  55. J Maheshwari
  56. R Badmapriya
  57. K SuriyaLakshmi
  58. KR Indira
  59. A Dhivyabharathi
  60. A Kayalvizhi
  61. Shanthi AM
  62. Gowri S
  63. C Vijayarani
  64. V Sangleshwari
  65. J Ramya
  66. R SobanaDevi
  67. S Parameshwari
  68. R SriVaishnavi
  69. B Janani
  70. J Mariselvi
  71. M Arunadevi

Custom brochure for the event

File:Poster publish.pdf



The first Wiki Academy in P.S.R.Rengasamy College Of Engineering was organized by the Wikimedia chapter and co-hosted by P.S.R.R FOSS Club, CSI-Student Branch of PSRRCEW ,Miss R.Bhuvaneswari,HOD/IT, Mr.A.Chidambaresan, Staff Coordinator / P.S.R.R FOSS Club, Mr.R.Kesavamoorthy CSI-Chapter Incharge, student volunteers A.L.Solai,P.Shyamaladevi,A.Divya,Preethi P.Ramanujam,C.Shamli,S.Rajeswari volunteered for conducing the event. The academy started at 9.30 AM with a formal inauguration by Dr. K.Ramasamy,Principal/PSRR who introduced the agenda of the Wiki Academy to the audience and inaugurate the Wikimedia Academics of P.S.R.R College.Mr.Sohan Maheswar, member, Wikimedia india Chapter gave a small talk about the main agenda of the academy and talk about the nature of the event, few details about Wikipedia, WMF and Chapter and foundation are trying to do in India. He answered questions raised by the audience. The Main Highlight of this workshop is that around 68 members signed up and attended the event. All the participants are women and they are all very much interest in creating pages and editing.


How to Edit Wikipedia

Sohan Maheswar explained basics of Wikipedia, how it is edited by millions of volunteers, how Wikipedia is exclusively encyclopedic and kind of articles and notability of articles in Wikipedia, how Wikipedians communicate and form community, and organization of Wikimedia foundations and active projects. Then he took the audience through active editing by signing up, searching for articles, choosing articles to create. Then he demonstrated about creating an article by using the Edit toolbar, citing the text by searching the web and uploading and adding pictures in articles.


More photos at:

Future plans if any

A google group has been setup with the intention of building and collaborating Wiki Articles. To start off, the students have agreed to cleanup and improve the existing Sivakasi wiki article.

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