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Wiki Academy/OUCIP, Hyderabad

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Proposed Date and Location

Date to be announced soon. OUCIP, OU Campus, Hyderabad

Target audience and preferred language

  • Open to all (Preregistration required to ensure adequate preparation for event in terms of creation of user-id on wikipedia projects)
  • English and Telugu


  1. Rahmanuddin Shaik
  2. Praveen Illa
  3. Pavithran Sakhamuri

Talk Proposals / Ideas

  • One talk on Telugu wikipedia and contributions would be nice.
  • State of wikipedia articles emphasising local names like hyderabad / osmania / ugadi etc .
  • Forming wiki projects and working as team . Emphasising on wikiproject Andhra Pradesh , wikiproject for districts etc

Contact Persons at the Organisation

  1. Faculty:
  2. Student Coordinator:


  1. Rahmanuddin Shaik
  2. Pavithran S

Custom brochure for the event


Future plans if any


  1. Rahmanuddin Shaik
  2. Sistla V Abhishek
  3. Pavithran S
  4. Praveen Illa
  5. Malyadri Beegala