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Wiki Academy/National Institute of Technology, Calicut 2011

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Tathva '11 Main Poster

Date and Location

October 22, 2011 during Tathva, NIT Calicut

Venue Details

Network Systems Lab with 70-80 computers.


Attendees of Tathva, the technical festival of the college Edit this section and Add your name below this line preceding with #

  1. Avinesh Saini


  1. Arjuna Rao Chavala
  2. Netha Hussain
  3. Viswam
  4. Manojk

Contact Persons at the Organisation

  1. Faculty: Dr. Santhosh Thampi, Civil Engineering Dept
  2. Student Coordinator: Pranav Ashok (pranavashok @ tathva [dot] org | +91 9496820689)

Custom Invite for the event

NIT Calicut custom invite


A section of participants
Viswam and Netha facilitating the event
Facilitators with Pranav Ashok, Student coordinator (rightmost)

14 people participated in Wiki Academy organised as part of Tathva at NIT Calicut. The attendance was less than expected, as there were several parallel sessions happening at the same time. Arjuna Rao Chavala welcomed the participants and provided a overview of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Chapter. Netha and Viswam covered wikipedia literacy and essentials. Manoj and Abhishek helped the participants during hands on session. Pranav Ashok, 3rd year CS student at NIT-Calicut ably took care of the logistics and organisation of the event.

The low attendance has a positive effect in that more focused and concentrated mode of introduction and training was provided. The facilitators were able to take the time and pace that ensured deeper understanding of the nature, structure and vision of Wikipedia to the aspiring participants.

The Facilitators had tried out the toolserver account creation tool, suggested to overcome the limitation of 6 new accounts limitation on English wiki, as per the suggestion from Wiki-stewards. It seems that 24 hours is the lead time for creating account through this tool as well.

Future plans

Some students expressed interest in Wikimedia technology. This could be a future event.

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